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Happy World Vegan Day


Hope everyone had a Happy World Vegan Day yesterday! Even better, it is Happy World Vegan Month. Yes, a whole month celebrating and promoting veganism throughout November. Okay, maybe not entirely different to any other month in some sense, but there are lots of events happening all over the world.

If you are not vegan, I encourage you to think about trying alternatives in recipes or even decide to participate in Meatless Mondays. Being vegan helps your health, animals, and the environment, and it does not actually have to be that hard. If you think that being vegan means you have to give up everything good, that is not true.

I seem difficult to some people because I am usually gluten-free and prefer healthier foods. If you ask me if I eat certain foods, I often say no, however, this is my lifestyle. You can literally replace almost every food and make it vegan if you decide. There are more and more amazing recipes that appear online every day, and not all vegan food or alternatives are unappetizing. They are actually very yummy!

Many people seem to be shocked when vegan foods are actually good. On the other hand, there are also recipes some people may not like, but this is the same for all food. Even vegans will not necessarily like what other vegans eat. This makes me hesitant to have people try my vegan foods because if someone does not like it, I do not want it to be thought of as bad because it is vegan, or good for a gluten-free recipe. In another sense, I know that many people have enjoyed recipes that I have made. I eat certain foods today only because I have tried them somewhere else. Trying yummy food somewhere first is usually more inspiration for me than looking up a random recipe online. Therefore, I suppose it is important for me to be sharing my vegan food and think it is great for those out there sharing as well.

I have never really been interested in recreating “normal” food as vegan food. Since becoming vegan started out as avoiding gluten, I quickly became informed and aware of ingredients which also led me toward eating only raw foods. There is also the idea that you have to start somewhere, and we all have our own comfort foods as well. My husband has always enjoyed spaghetti bolognese so one day I decided to make him a vegan version with gluten-free penne and pasta shells with vegan “meat” and sauce.

The next time he was craving pasta, we made it with lots of veggies and pine nuts. This is what it looked like before adding a bit of sauce. Yum! This was an easy way to pack in a lot of vegetables, and my husband loved it. Now it seems to be a bit of a favourite at the moment.

Being vegan can mean changing your entire lifestyle, or even starting out by replacing a few meals with alternatives. Some people quickly become vegan while others are vegetarian for awhile, or maybe even go back and forth. Even if you have no intention of becoming vegan, there are so many delicious recipes which you can still choose to make on an occasional or regular basis.

Being vegan also does not mean that you have to spend lots of money or buy lots of ingredients. Think about eating hummus instead of a dairy based dip, a smoothie with water instead of milk, fruit and nuts for morning tea, sliced veggies on rice crackers instead of cheese, etc. You can be as simple or complicated as you like, but I hope that you will at least think about making some vegan meals or snacks. Oh, and don’t forget to be a part of our Smoothie a Day ~ November. Love the feedback and photo we received already, and I really appreciate those of you who have shared or repinned the photo. Looking forward to a passionfruit smoothie tomorrow.