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From Arnica to Vegan Chili



Our little lamb has been limping the last few days, and unfortunately he seems to be putting less and less pressure down. I brought him inside last night, and he ended up cuddling in and falling asleep. He is just too cute!

I am sure you are wondering where the black toe comes in. We do not usually eat anything from a can, but I had bought a few varieties of Ceres Organic beans to make our vegan chili. Zaedyn was trying to help me cook. He picked up a can to bring over to me, but instead he dropped it on his toe. He is usually pretty tough when it comes to getting hurt, but I could tell something was really wrong by the sound of his cry. Ouch! His big toe looked pretty sore. I gave him cuddles, and David went and grabbed the Arnica. With a couple sprays, he managed to return back to his cheeky happy self, but throughout the night he seemed to hit it or put pressure causing him to get a bit upset again. So now I have two little guys limping. Maybe Zaedyn just wanted to be like his lamb? Luckily both of them seem to be a bit better now.

Although I did not get any more help in the kitchen after all of the commotion, I still managed to finish making our yummy vegan chili which Zaedyn and David both happily enjoyed with some organic corn tortilla chips. Yum!

Garlic, Onion, Celery, & Green Capsicum