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Vegan Puppy Chow for Humans?


vegan chocolate
Melted chocolate, peanut butter, dairy-free butter, and vanilla tossed with vegan “Chex” type cereal then tossed with vegan icing sugar to be put in the freezer. Does this sound like puppy chow to you?

I remember growing up and eating this mix. My twin and I had best friends that were twins as well. We always seemed to make it at their house. Something that might sound like an odd combination, especially with the name, but super yummy. Possibly not the healthiest of all snacks, I will admit, but not something that we often make. The last time I made it was when I was looking for ideas for Zaedyn’s birthday. As we had a Very Hungry Caterpillar Party, we renamed this Caterpillar Food. Even chocolate peanut butter crunch or something might sound nice, but then again, puppy chow is a well-known snack by many.

Cereal can be one of those foods that contain misleading ingredients that are not vegan, but you would not notice at first glance, or without prior knowledge. Vitamin D3 is a common ingredient that you would think would be good, but it is not as it usually comes from animal origin! We always buy safe brands or organic products that do not seem to add extra unnecessary ingredients. I already check every box of anything that we buy, but I do not buy products that have lots of numbers which may include animal derived additives.

Nature’s Path Oaty Bites are the only cereal we have found here that would be useful for this recipe. You need a cereal that has openings where the chocolate can get inside. They are wheat free, however not gluten-free as it contains barley malt extract. We would love to find a gluten-free alternative if anyone knows of any since we would not usually eat any gluten. We only made a small batch which is already gone because Zaedyn was hungry and decided to eat lots of the oaty bites before we even made anything. He loved telling me, “Oaty Bites! Oaty Bites!” New words for the day. I cannot keep up with the amount that he knows. He is just too clever. I cannot believe he will be 2 in April.

Have you heard of it before? Do you eat puppy chow? I wonder what other yummy foods have interesting names that do not taste at all like they sound.

There are plenty of recipes out there, but Peta has one that can be found here.
vegan chocolate
After Zaedyn knew where it was, I kept hearing pitter patter feet into the kitchen and little hands rummaging in a bowl. I wonder what Zaedyn was doing? At least he would come over to David and I to give us some. I think he just liked the idea that they were there, and he was more than happy to share.

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