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Edible Flowers



Zaedyn was so excited to be in the sling to help his Dad mow the lawn. He loves to be outside, and he was fascinated as he kept his eyes on the lawn mower. What a great advantage to babywearing!

After the front was mowed, we made our way out back. While the boys were mowing the lawn, I was busy trying to tidy up the garden. I had noticed that some of our nasturtium leaves were getting very big the other day. I quickly glanced over, and I saw a big yellow flower. Our very first Nasturtium!

Edible Flower
Zaedyn really wanted the big spade, but when he couldn’t quite pick it up, he settled for the small one. He was being so helpful. He was watching David dig. David would jump on the spade and put all of his weight down. Zaedyn pretended to do the same, but his two feet never left the ground. He quickly kept bending his knees almost as if he was dancing. He had David and I both laughing. It was so cute.

Since he was too busy gardening before, he had not taken notice of our nasturtium flower. After he enjoyed his yummy passionfruit smoothie, he became interested in trying the nasturtium. Eating flowers is not necessarily new to Zaedyn. He quite likes to pick flowers off the lawn to eat! He munched our edible flower and seemed quite happy. Unfortunately I did not have any more to give him, although we did have some more delicious vegan pumpkin cookies.
Edible Flowers
What is your favourite edible flower? I started an Edible Flowers board on Pinterest that I will continue to update as well as  others. Lots of new pins on Smoothies to inspire you for Smoothie a Day ~ November.