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Arohanui Vegan Love

The thought of a Facebook page had been on my mind from the start, and I was uncertain as to whether I would want or need one. Through feedback from others, the ease of Facebook in sharing, liking, and commenting prompted me to start a page. I will continue to post on my blog, but my page will allow for more interaction as well as connecting with others and sharing interesting content available.

Facebook is another platform that allows me to connect and reach my target audience. Without having much time to comment, post, or share my blog, I still received a 1,000 views within the first month. To me, these stats compelled me to keep writing and know that people out there were interested and inspired by what I had to share. Let the Children Play’s Page shared my blog post on A Different Kind of Water Wall, and my stats instantly almost doubled within a day. People from 44 different countries are reading my blog. Again, I was completely amazed. Yes, having completed a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising, I am very well aware of marketing and social media, but it is so powerful knowing that in some way I am inspiring others through my passions.

My aim is to be able to share what I know and find along the way, and I also hope to learn and grow from those of you supporting and challenging me. Thank you to those of you who have already liked my page, and I hope that others with similar passions or curiosity will also join. Although everything comes from a vegan perspective, you do not necessarily have to be vegan. Topics include early childhood & natural learning, gardening, photography, health & wellness, life, food, birth, travel, & all things vegan. For those who are part of companies that have eco-friendly or vegan products, please contact me to do product reviews or giveaways. I love finding useful, interesting, and yummy products that I will be able to share with others.

There is still so much that I want to share and many directions that I can see my blog and page going. My page is a work in progress. I have started to put some photos up in albums, but I still have heaps more to upload. I also intend to focus on travel in my blog as well. I will definitely backtrack a bit as we have been to many places that are well worth sharing. Please feel free to leave feedback, ask questions, or share any information as well. I look forward to seeing the development of both my blog and page and hope that you continue to be interested and inspired.