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The Hemp Farm NZ


Who would like to be sent a 250ml bottle of Organic Hemp Seed Oil from Hemp Farm NZ Ltd as part of our Vegan & Eco-Friendly Giveaway?

Hemp Farm
The Hemp Farm was started by Dave and Anna who are passionate about the many uses of hemp and its environmental benefits. It is an absolutely amazing plant that is extremely versatile, yet it has been given such a bad name from the association to illegal drugs which has caused many different laws throughout countries. By the way, all of the goodness that comes out of these plants are not actually drugs and are extremely good for you!

“Hemp seed oil is an amazing addition to a vegan diet as it does provide those essential fatty acids in the optimum 3-1 ratio, plus all your essential minerals, amino acids and vitamin E. Plus it is chemical free and environmentally sustainable.” ~Hemp Farm NZ Ltd

Their oil is cold-pressed and 100% organic packed with lots of nutrition. There are so many uses for the oil. An easy way to add hemp oil into your food is in a salad, kale, veggies, or smoothies. I would love to make hemp pesto.

vegan kale

I really like hemp milk which is also extremely beneficial. I have even had hemp cereal, hemp butter, hemp seeds, and all sorts of yummy raw hemp desserts. There are plenty of opportunities in the future to see the benefits of this plant being used and being legal to consume in New Zealand, and I really look forward to following along and seeing The Hemp Farm grow and make this happen in New Zealand. If you come across hemp seed meal or hemp seed flour, it is a human grade product, but it is only legally able to be sold as animal feed in NZ. However, it is legal for humans to consume.

In case you missed it, The Hemp Farm was featured on Global Radar, and there is an article about their hemp seed on p.15 in the Nourish magazine. Hopefully all of the media coverage and people becoming more knowledgable about the uses and environmental benefits of hemp will help to gain more acceptance. Check out their New Zealand Hemp Crop Gallery. Recently they had their hemp fiber and hurd harvest which you can watch here.

Most of you know how much I like cloth nappies, and hemp is great for nappies and inserts. I would also love to use hemp in making body care, jewelry, and even in my house if I ever decided to build. The possibilities really are endless!

Have you tried hemp seed oil?

Enter our giveaway for your chance to win a 250ml bottle of Organic Hemp Seed Oil from Hemp Farm NZ Ltd.

The Hemp Farm NZ

The Hemp Farm NZ Ltd:



Copono:Valuable App for All Kiwis


Vegan AppCopono’s mission: “to make conscious consumption simple.”

What is Copono?

As I mentioned in my last post, Copono is an app to track and rate vegan things in New Zealand. This will make life for Kiwis easier as you can scan barcodes of products to find out if they are vegan or not. 85 Kiwis are already using this app, but with your help they can share it with everyone in Aotearoa. There are 23 days left to reach their goal of $5000. Even a contribution of $10 will help them get closer to reaching their goal. Vegan or not, please consider contributing to this vegan campaign to help Copono assist you in not only buying vegan food, but also finding sustainable and ethical choices.

“Copono is quick.

Copono is simple.

Copono is easy.

Buy products that resonate with you.”


Why Vegans should support this app?

Copono will make your life easier. Taking out the time spent reading labels and researching online to find mixed answers, this app will quickly tell you if a product is vegan or not by simply scanning a barcode. Isn’t technology amazing? We also have to thank the Vegan Society of Aotearoa for creating the Vegan Big Book of Products and inspiring Copono to turn this into an app.

Being vegan for quite some time now, I do not particularly buy a lot of processed foods, and I buy at a lot of food from specialty stores where I seem to be aware of ingredients and ethical products. However, there are always new products being made or recipes that require new ingredients. At first, I thought that this app doesn’t really affect me, but actually it does and in an even bigger way than I realised. One reason this app could be helpful is the fact that my husband eats quite differently than me. Although he knows the basics of what is vegan or not, he often texts me asking about ingredients or additives. I know that this app would be great for him, and I know that I could use the app as well to find out products that he might like. I have also found myself looking at new products and reading labels for products to feed my son. If I want to make others vegan food or get asked whether or not certain products are vegan, I can easily let them know with this app. Plus, if you have friends or family who are not vegan and want to buy you something or make you a vegan meal, they can use this app to be certain that the products they buy you are vegan.

The bigger reason for supporting this app though is that even if you do not think you will use it, think about all of the others that will. Everyone is at a different point in their vegetarian, vegan curious, or vegan journey. Some have more knowledge of ingredients than others, some might have more knowledge about ethical companies, some might eat more processed foods than others, but we are all on our own journey to live a conscious lifestyle. By supporting Copono, you not only help yourself, but you are helping animals, the environment, and others with similar goals. It is bigger than just the app, but through it you are helping to support positive vegan ethics.

Why contribute even if you are not vegan?

Copono is more than finding vegan products. Whether you look into healthy options or need to avoid products due to allergies or intolerances, this app will be beneficial to you, too. You might simply need to avoid dairy or eggs, but why not use this app to take out the guessing and make shopping easier. At least you know that vegan products won’t contain either. Let’s face it. Reading labels can be tricky even if you have been doing it for a long time. Companies do not always want you to know the truth, and additives can easily change.

If you don’t think this app is useful for you, what about for your children, family, or friends. You may find yourself needing to embrace changes due to an allergy within the family, or you may find yourself needing to make a meal for someone who is vegan or has allergies or intolerances. This is the perfect app to help you in all of these situations.

Although you might not be completely vegan, you may be interested in supporting sustainable, ethical, and healthy buying. Although some products might have clear labeling, you may find yourself in the shop hesitating whether to support a certain product or brand. Why not leave it up to Copono. They have done all the hard work to simplify buying for you. If you support this app, you will have instant answers at your fingertips.

Finally, curious or not, you might just be in the Christmas spirit and find yourself willing to make a contribution to something that will help a lot of people and support others who truly care about the environment.


Beta User Test Flight

Beyond New Zealand?

Even if you find yourself across the world, imagine how Copono could help you when you come for a holiday in New Zealand. Not being familiar with products, brands, or food additive numbers, the last thing you want to be doing on your holiday is standing in the supermarket reading the back of every label. This app extends beyond the use of just Kiwis.

Check out the campaign to contribute to Copono Vegan for Kiwis. 

$10 Contributor, $10 Idea Lover, $30 Early Bird, $60 Auckland Champion, $60 Wellington Champion, $100 Eternal Bliss, $1,000 Transcendental

A virtual high-five, getting Copono early, enjoying a vegan dinner, becoming a lifetime member, or joining the team retreat and future, there’s perks for all contributions. With 2,000+ members in the Vegan Society of Aotearoa, even a $10 contribution from everyone would surpass the $5,000 goal. I will put a link up on my page and there are a few of the campaign already being shared around so please take a second to re-share on your own wall. The power of social media is huge, and together we can help support Copono’s 12 month effort by simply taking a second to contribute and share with others.

Who is bringing this app to reality for your convenience? Meet the Copono Team.


Where can you find out more about Copono?

Most importantly, the current campaign: Copono Vegan for Kiwis

Copono website

Copono on Facebook

Copono on Twitter

I want to see Copono succeed…

Will You Support Sustainable Living?

Te Reo Singalong Books + Giveaway *CLOSED*


“Learn Te Reo Māori the easy way with these innovative picture song books”

Te Reo Maori

Zaedyn Tai reading all of his Te Reo Singalong Books

Te Reo Singalong Books are easy to use Māori resources for young children that easily teach them the language in an exciting way. I have used them within an early childhood education setting as well as with my 19-month old son. I believe that they are a great resource for all ages. Tamariki get so excited about these books through the powerful illustrations and catchy music. Whether you play the CDs or follow the guitar chords, waiata is an easy way to learn and reinforce Te Reo Māori.

What sets these books apart is the gap they fill as useful Māori resources. As a teacher, I know how hard it can be to find resources that get used on a daily basis. I love the language and would include it within my practice as much as possible, but in mainstream settings it can sometimes be a challenge to move forward and find resources to help support your knowledge. There are often resources that attempt to teach children words, but Te Reo Singalong books help promote the use of sentences and making relevant connections. Not long after introducing them to the centre where I worked, I remember hearing a child later on in the day sing “Kei te Peke Ahau.” It was amazing to hear how tamariki were responding and using the language that they were learning through these new books.

As a Mum, I can provide my son, Zaedyn, with easy tools to learn Te Reo Māori and be able to support him. These books have helped me feel even more comfortable with my use of Te Reo and learn practical words that I normally do not use. They have also helped me continue to use words that I know and make me more conscious in using them more with Zaedyn. He has even taught my family overseas some of the words that he knows in Te Reo Māori. I can see the excitement on his face when we play these songs, and he looks through his books. Pakipaki was one of the first words and actions that he learned.


Kei te pakipaki, kei te pakipaki. Pakipaki, pakipaki.

The CDs are a huge asset to these books if you are unfamiliar or not confident with the language. Instead of getting left on the bookshelf, you can play the CD alongside each book. However, I am sure that you will quickly pick up on the language and find yourself singing along to these catchy tunes. I find myself randomly singing along throughout the day. The repetition and actions link together to help children remember their learning. We also use the CDs in a variety of ways as we have the songs recorded in our car and on our iPad so that they are always accessible. Born in California, I began to learn Māori through waiata and developed a passion to learn more where I decided to complete my Te Ara Reo Māori Level 2 from Te Wānanga o Aotearoa. I am still continuing to learn and share my knowledge with my son, but I do not believe that I would have gained as much knowledge as I have without waiata, and these books continue to further support my learning. If you are from overseas or have not grown up knowing the language, these books are very useful tools.

All of the books include an English translation, Ngā kupu hou – New words section, guitar chords, a CD, and ideas on how to use the books. There are so many possibilities to keep everyone interested and using them on an ongoing basis.

Now for the books that have been published so far…

Te Reo Singalong BooksMaranga Mai!

Most children I know love learning about animals and hearing animal noises. Maranga Mai brings together animal illustrations that will capture your little one’s attention along with Te Reo Māori and the noises that each animal make. These work together to help your children remember and make these connections that they can relate to real life.

Te Reo Singalong BooksKei te Peke Ahau

This book is very interactive and fun through animal actions. Even if you or your children know words such as peke for jumping or oma for running, you can make these connections to animals as you jump like a rabbit and run like a pūkeko. There are even some animals that you may not have heard in Te Reo Māori before.

Te Reo Singalong BooksAnei Kē!

The sound effects help bring this book to life and support meaningful connections to real life. As you go through the seasons, you can learn how to ask where your hat is when the sun is out for summer or ask where your gumboots are when it is raining.

What I love about these books is that they are extremely relevant to children’s lives and allow you to learn words and phrases that can and will be used. If you want to hear what others have to say about these books, check out the Testimonials on the website. There is so much positive feedback about these amazing books that I am so happy to be able to share with you. You can even view sample pages from each book and listen to the songs through the website.

Besides learning Te Reo Māori, these books support many learning aspects embedded within Te Whāriki, the Early Childhood Curriculum. I can think of many ways while using this book where tamariki will become more confident, develop communication which can be expressed through language and dance, gain control of their bodies, learn alongside others, and where their own culture is supported or they are learning about their friend’s culture. My friend that first introduced me to these books used them while on practicum teaching a new entrants class. The children responded very quickly. Now the older classes are even using these books. Although I found them useful within early childhood, they seem to be a great asset to older tamariki as well. Even as an adult, I think that they are a fantastic learning resource. No wonder they were a Māori Language Awards 2012 Finalist!

Thank you for reading, and thank you to Sharon Holt for providing a copy of one of her books to a lucky reader. Make sure to enter this awesome giveaway. I can’t wait until Book 4 about vehicles is published!

Kei te Peke Ahau

Did you already know about these books? Please share your feedback and what you, your children, or children you are working with think of them.

*Disclaimer: This post is completely my honest opinion about these books and is not sponsored. We just love them and want everyone else to know about these amazing Māori resources which we have been using since they were first released. The author, Sharon Holt, is kindly donating a book of your choice that will be sent to one of our readers who enters the giveaway.Te Reo Maori

Your choice of Te Reo Singalong Book 1, 2, OR 3

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Fluffy Mail! +Giveaway

fluffy mail

Zaedyn opens his fluffy mail & checks out his new bitti tutto!

itti bitti
itti bitti

How exciting! We received fluffy mail today from The Nappy Lady. Such an awesome print to add to Zaedyn’s nappy stash. I just love it. It is a super soft minky fabric, and of course we love giraffes. We received our first bitti d’lish from the Nappy Lady, and now we get to try our first bitti tutto. You can definitely expect a review on both for how they work for us. The nappy has been through the wash already. I can’t wait to see what it looks like on. I used to think that they were overwhelming with all of the snaps and inserts, but they are actually pretty easy. The snaps are even colour coordinated!

So, another huge thank you and shout out to The Nappy Lady. Make sure to follow her page as well as Cloth Nappy Week because there are lots of exciting events that you will not want to miss for those in New Zealand.

Now for an exciting announcement. We would love to share some cloth love with you since we appreciate everyone following us and liking our Facebook page. With summer coming and since we love the beach, we would love to give someone a Charlie Banana Swim Diaper (Swim Nappy) size Small 11-18lbs, 5-7kg, colour of your choice, in an upcoming giveaway.

Is anyone else excited about this? The lining is 100% organically grown cotton with a waterproof outer layer. These are actually absorbent compared to most swim nappies. Plus, this is heaps better than using a disposable swim nappy to go to landfill, and I think that they are super cute. I know that this giveaway might not apply to all of our followers, but hopefully there will be something of interest to you in the future. We also welcome new likes that will continue to follow us so feel free to share our page on yours or with others that you think might be interested. Make sure to click on Add to Interests and watch out for our upcoming giveaway.

If you win, which colour would you choose?

Our Charlie Banana Giveaway

cloth swimmers

Charlie Banana Swim Diaper (Swim Nappy) size Small 11-18lbs, 5-7kg, colour of your choice

All About Babywearing


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From the 6th of October to the 14th, babywearing was celebrated internationally to help spread the word about its benefits for children and caregivers. Growing every year since 2009, New Zealand families and volunteers helped to make New Zealand Babywearing Week 2012 a success.

Although I did not attend any of the planned events, it sounds like there was a lot of support from families involved in babywearing and sling walks across the North and South Island. Sponsors always play an important role so I would like to acknowledge My Natural Baby, Moby, Scarecrow Farm, EcoMoon, Adventure Kids, Little Love, Banz, The Natural Parent Magazine, and Snuggle Bug. Besides organizing and participating in events, volunteers were also busy with their Facebook pages, the New Zealand Babywearing blog, and competitions. I can imagine how busy all of you must have been!

What are some benefits of babywearing?

-Happy and healthy babies

-Confident and loving caregivers



-Discrete or hands-free breastfeeding

-No limitation on where you can go

I love how New Zealand Babywearing Week was extended across the month with Babywearing Photo a Day. It was awesome to see how many people carry their baby and all of the different ways as well. Plus, there was a range of some very cool wraps and slings, many of which I had never seen. Think you have seen all of the cloth nappies and babywearing carriers available? After your baby is born, you will most likely continue to come across numerous sites that you had never come across before. There are also some very clever Kiwis out there who are adding to the range and providing New Zealanders with local products. You might even decide that you want to make your own.

So which babywearing carrier should you buy?

Like cloth nappies, it is entirely up to you. I know this might not seem helpful, but what works for some might not work for others. One thing to remember is to NOT buy a bag style sling. These are very dangerous and are not the same as ring slings. Some factors to consider when choosing the right one:

-Who will be using the carrier?

-What is your main purpose for the carrier?

-What is your price range?

-What material is used?

-Is it adjustable?

-Is it suitable for all ages?

BabywearingWe were grateful for receiving a Nature’s Sway sling at Zaedyn’s baby shower, and later on decided to order a Maya Wrap Ring Sling as well. Both of these have been useful at different times and having a few types of carriers can sometimes be helpful. I will admit to being a bit confused in the beginning on how to get Zaedyn in the Nature’s Sway. As he grew, we tried again and found this sling to be very useful. The reason I looked into a Maya Wrap Sling was because I loved the colours, and with traveling around and being new to breastfeeding, this sling appealed to me.  However, I wanted to make sure that this sling was long enough and possibly should have bought one with a shorter tail. I have recently been wrapping it around my waist, and funny enough, I never use it to cover myself when breastfeeding anyways. At the same time, it has been useful for blocking the sun or wind, and it has a great storage pouch to hold my keys or cards so that I do not have to carry a bag. I also made sure to ask David if he liked the colours. If anyone else might be using your carrier, it is important to find out if they would be comfortable with your pattern or colour choice. I suppose both have been trial and error when adjusting and trying out new carry positions. I was not very confident in using our slings at the start, but all that has changed.

We shared a mix of old and new photos for Babywearing Photo a Day as you can see in the slideshow. We often carry Zaedyn without a sling, but a sling has also been very beneficial on many occasions. Flying overseas three times with Zaedyn, I do not know how I would have managed carrying my luggage as well as standing for long periods of time at Customs. I have also found the sling supportive through long days of sightseeing and adventures such as walking up Mount Maunganui. We love exploring different bush walks and beaches where taking a pram would not be possible. Plus, he loves seeing everything from our eye level and telling us all about what he is seeing in his own way of communication. From other’s posts, I was inspired to make Zaedyn a sling to carry his crocodile. He was not quite sure about it at first, but then he thought it was pretty cool. What a great way to inspire your little ones to love babywearing, too. Although Zaedyn is not very heavy, at 18 months, our slings are still suitable to carry Zaedyn. Carriers are not a huge cost when you think about the amount and length of time that they can be used.

Please participate in the poll below. I would love to know your preference of carrier, and feel free to comment below or on our Facebook page with any brand recommendations. Thanks! Oh, and the SnuggleBug designer wrap is still up for grabs until they reach 1700 likes so please check out New Zealand Babywearing Week and like their page to show your support.

Zaedyn Tai’s Yoga


Bright orange and rolled up, Zaedyn was keen to roll the yoga mat out last night. He seemed to like the texture and was all over the place rolling around smiling and making up his own moves.

This morning, we rolled the yoga mat back out and put on our Yoga Masters music. From Zaedyn’s bookshelf full of amazing books that he loves to read, we found Little Kiddy Yoga by Jahri Jah Jah.
Jahri Jah JahZaedyn was busy flipping through the book and learning all of his yoga poses.
YogaWith just a bit of help, he was so clever in beginning to learn poses. I do not have photos of everything, and I did not capture him almost perfecting poses as he wasn’t too impressed with me taking photos. Fair enough though!

He started out swinging his arms and centering with prayer.
YogaThen he stood tall like a tree and moved his fingers to his feet….well, almost.
Fingers to FeetCrocodile poses, cobra, mountain poses ~ Zaedyn was trying them all. One leg is bent in the photos below, but he did have both his legs out straight for the splits.
YogaThen, he put his feet together like a butterfly.
Yoga A couple more action shots…

At almost 18 months old, I am very impressed with Zaedyn’s yoga poses. When I was first pregnant with him, I was going to a Pilates class. He continued to wriggle around lots throughout my entire pregnancy. From birth, we have always encouraged stretching movements as he also initiates his own. He is very flexible. With his huge interest in the yoga mat, book, and body movement, I look forward to seeing his continued yoga practice. Over time, I am sure that we will both develop our flexibility, strength, coordination, and meditation. I will continue to model and help incorporate this powerful art for holistic health.

The book finishes by talking about Yogi food for children. I love how natural organic foods are being promoted for health and environmental awareness.

Made in Aotearoa, this local book provides a great basis for children to learn about yoga and basic poses. There are also many more books that can be found on Kiwi Kids Books by Jahri Jah Jah. We also own Little Kiddy Māori, Little Bub! & Kiwi Bub! which promote language and visual development. I have a couple other yoga pregnancy books as well as a Yoga for Surfers DVD that a friend gave me. Yoga really supports surfing on many levels. I look forward to our learning journey together.

Is yoga a part of you or your little one’s lives? Do you recommend any books or have any tips to share?



Zaedyn was super excited about trying his new BeBops nappy we received from the Nappy Lady!

As a OSFA nappy, this fits from birth to 17kg+. With a bit of adjusting snaps at the front, the BeBops nappy fits perfectly.


As previously mentioned in CLOTH vs. Disposables, I love the idea of using a combination of inserts. BeBops uses 2 layers of microfibre and 2 layers of bamboo fleece with a very clever snap to keep them together. As a combination, these fabrics work together to create high absorbency and help prevent leaking. I did not keep track how long Zaedyn had the nappy on, but with a big sleep in between as well, he wore this nappy for quite awhile with no leaks at all.

When I took it off, the microfleece lining which sits against his skin felt dry which is exactly what I would expect. It was great to find that wees were not sitting against him. Then I pulled the inserts out and was quite surprised. Both inserts were saturated, however there were no leaks and the lining stayed dry. I only washed it once as well before our first use. What a fantastic nappy!

I am very impressed with how this nappy worked for us, and I hope that you will check out the BeBops website for a more detailed description of their one size pocket nappies to see if they might suit your needs. They also have other products including Rockin’ Green which is currently on sale. If you are following BeBops on Facebook, you will be able to keep up with current sales. Plus, there are variety of posts about yummy gluten-free, dairy, and vegan food at the moment due to Tash’s elimination trial for her breastfed baby.

As I was about to post this earlier, I came across a very cool video on How to use BeBops One Size Pocket Nappies which tells you pretty much everything you need to know! After watching it, I learned that I should be folding up the bottom of the inserts a bit as we have the nappy set on Medium at the moment. Thanks to the Nappy Lady and BeBops for this opportunity to try a very effective NZ made nappy.

Beyond the Puriri Trees




45 minute walk through ancient puriri trees..
Nau mai, haere mai ~ Welcome to Cathedral Cove











Hot Water Beach
“More than two kilometres beneath your feet, there is a reservoir of hot water and heated rocks. The heat is a remnant of volcanic activity that occurred in the Coromandel region 5 to 9 million years ago.”




Gummies, Snow, & Live Volcanoes


     The first day of Spring and the sun was shining with the mountain still covered in snow. What a beautiful day to take Zaedyn for a play in the snow for his first time. We started our journey by buying Zaedyn his first pair of gumboots, just like Dad’s. He likes to be like his Mum and is often seen barefoot, even through Winter, but the snow gave us a good reason to buy some gummies to keep his little feet dry. Don’t worry, these are vegan unlike the candy gummies made of gelatin.

New Gummies Like Dad’s!

     The snow was icy and cold. Zaedyn did not think too much of it at the start. Actually, he was not very impressed at all. This was not the same texture or temperature as sand, or even the ground for that matter. It was too cold, and I could tell that he did not know what to think. After falling down to feel the cold ice against his hands, he was not that keen to stand on his own and explore, but with a bit of curiosity that luckily changed.

Snowball Fight?

     Snowball fight? Not sure how David managed to escape after getting both Zaedyn & I. Luckily the one at Zaedyn was not too hard, and he actually found it quite amusing. I can’t say that I was overly impressed about getting hit by a snowball later in the day. Next time I will remember not to walk in front of David and stop to turn around! At least I was a bit luckier than the other two on the slopes today. One after the next, the ambulance and 2 helicopters arrived at the scene for two spinal injuries! Hope that they recover as quick as possible. Zaedyn was pretty intrigued by the flying helicopters and spinning blades.

Building a Snowman

What a cheeky boy! That’s one way to get Dad’s sunnies.

If all the snowflakes were vegan candybars & almondshakes
Oh what a snow that would be!
Standing outside with my mouth open wide
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…

Zaedyn Snow Angel

     Oh, and did I mention that these are live volcanoes? I was quick to take some photos when I saw steaming Mt Tongariro after having erupted just less than a month ago. Still with ongoing activity there are tracks and off limit areas, however some are beginning to open up after this mountain decided to awaken after 100 years.  Don’t worry though. We were playing in the snow on Mt Ruapehu. I remember the last time Mt Ruapehu erupted in 2007. It was before David and I were married, and I was working at Bruce Jones Surfboards. Although I was worried and relieved to hear that his brother was not on the mountain that day, I have realised that these eruptions are a reality as they are very active. We never know when or how big the next eruption might be. Until then, I am happy to say that we were pretty safe on the mountain today, and it is great that we are still able to experience the snow and everything that nature has to offer. Next time we might need to borrow Uncle Mark’s snowboard!

     Plus, a bit of a detour on the way home as we thought that we might stay in Taupo, yet we decided just to pass through…