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Gluten-Free Spirulina Playdough


gluten-free playdough

Ever wondered about gluten-free playdough with no food colouring? It is definitely possible! Some of you might be wondering if there is any point, but for some children even playdough is a huge concern. If a child cannot consume gluten, playing with playdough is still entering their skin and you never know what might end up in their mouth. I have never stopped Zaedyn from playing with white flour playdough as that is what we used at the centre, but seeing as we only buy gluten-free flour that is what we make at our house.

Another big concern for me in playdough is food colouring. There is a lot of controversy about the dangers and effects of food colouring, but an even bigger concern for me is the fact that they can be tested on animals or contain crushed insects.

Rather than use food dye, we opted to use some spirulina powder to make our playdough green. There are a number of ways to create your own natural dyes from juicing a variety of fruits and vegetables, herbs, spices, or even tea bags. Check out this gluten-free pink playdough simply from using raspberry tea! I would love to hear any of your favourite playdough recipes or clever ways to make your own colours.

Spirulina Playdough
Zaedyn was pretty excited to play with the playdough as we have not made any for awhile now. After exploring the texture with his hands, the animals needed to come and join the fun.

Spirulina Playdough

Spirulina Playdough

He loved making lots of animal footprints in the playdough. This really sparked lots of imaginative play as Zaedyn was chatting away and setting the scene with his animal friends.

Spirulina Playdough

Of course this including feeding his lamb….

Spirulina Playdough

as well as Lamby and Kai giving kisses. Even through his play, you can really tell how much Zaedyn loves and cares for animals. It always makes me smile to see his compassion for animals shine through in every aspect of his life.

I am also always amazed at how something as simple as playdough can create endless amounts of fun and allow for different creative play whenever it is used. Playdough involves sensory play, imaginative play, and inspires lots of dispositions.

Do you remember playing with playdough as a child? Do your children have favourite materials they like to use while playing with playdough? Some ideas include kitchen toy sets, rolling pins and cookie cutters, golf tees and hammers, popsicle sticks or matchsticks, animals, natural resources, pompoms or pipe cleaners, etc. There are endless materials to provide, and I am sure your children will be creative and find their own materials to use through this open-ended exploration.