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Refresh, Hydrate, Energise


     Rummaging through the drawers, Zaedyn pulled out a can of coconut water which he held out and was asking for it to be open. I am really impressed with the way he communicates, both verbally and nonverbally. Although I am not always certain what he says, I am getting pretty good at interpreting. Anyways, I decided that Zaedyn could have some, but I didn’t want him to drink out of the can. His other drink bottles were being cleaned so I managed to find another one. I filled it with coconut water, and he went to his favourite spot: the bean bag. I did not expect him to drink as much as he did. He usually enjoys coconut water, but he was guzzling this down. He loved it! We found these a few months ago at Huckleberry Farms. Although we prefer to drink fresh coconuts, there are now many more available and convenient options of coconut water when fresh coconuts are not available.

A few of the many benefits to drinking coconut water, nature’s original isotonic drink:

~essential electrolytes


~essential nutrients

~antibacterial & antifungal properties


*Coconut water can have huge benefits throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. It should definitely be an essential as part of your labour bag.

Where can you find coconut water?

Fresh Young Coconuts off the tree in Rarotonga

Next best option: Young coconuts from the fruit shop, also known as drinking coconuts

Coconut Water Freeze Dried Powder, especially convenient & beneficial for air travel

Ceres Organic Coconut Water

H2COCO Pure Coconut Water

Mature Coconut contains less water & more coconut “meat” which is hard