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Chocolate, Banana, & Cinnamon: A Collection of Gluten-Free Vegan Baking


Just a few photos of some gluten-free vegan baking before I began this page. Actually, the first photo is chocolate cupcakes I made for Valentine’s Day in 2011!


gluten-free organic cocoa vegan cupcakes


gluten-free vegan banana bread


gluten-free vegan chocolate banana walnut cupcakes


gluten-free vegan double chocolate coconut


gluten-free vegan cinnamon rolls

One lamb…two, three lambs!


I can never seem to keep up between posts on here, Facebook, and Pinterest. You would think I would have even more time being at home now, but we always seem to have so much to share. I make time to write on all of these, but I can easily keep myself busy all day doing all sorts around the house or catching up with friends. It has occurred to me that we have been so busy playing outside in the beautiful sunshine that I may have forgotten to mention that we have more than one lamb in our backyard. That’s right, we have three lambs in our backyard!

Okay, so only one of them belongs to us. The other two are the neighbour’s lambs that have come to live with us because we have a huge backyard. They built a fence about halfway, and it is like they have their own paddock. The lambs have a big enough area for them, and Zaedyn still has room to run around in mowed grass without sheep poo. The best part is that the fence is easy enough to hop over so we still spend lots of time with the sheep as well. Our lamb loves having friends, too.

Between three lambs and Kai, our bunny, Zaedyn wants to spend every second outside with his friends. As soon as he gets up he waits at the door saying, “Kai,” pointing out and saying, “Lamb, baa.” He can be very cheeky, and he has his own way of communicating with them. Zaedyn and Kai can often be found chasing after each other! Yes, there are times when he needs to remember to be gentle, but overall he loves animals and animals seem to love him. We have surrounded him with opportunities to see, care for, and love animals. Through our role modeling as well, we are passing on values where Zaedyn loves and respects animals.

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Homeopathy for Your Garden?



Homeopathy for your garden? Has this left you in confusion or curiosity? I will admit to being a bit uncertain when first reading about homeopathy for plants, but it supposedly works! I am a strong believer in homeopathy and of course I am keen to see if it works. Why wouldn’t it?

We were busy enjoying the sunshine today and sorting out our garden. We were so excited about all of our plants, but most of them have been growing in our kitchen as we could not decide where to plant them. Our backyard is amazing, full of natural elements and a decent size, but the designated garden area has remained a bit of a mess. There are wooden boxes there, but the ivy and weeds from previous neighbours just seemed to be embedded in the soil when we first moved in. Every year, we start to tidy things up, but we only get so far. Last year, I ended up using tires with my parsley in a pot and my strawberries in one of the veggie boxes. Actually, my strawberries have been there for a few years now. I was not very good at pulling weeds out this year, and many of my strawberry plants have disappeared. I think it might be time to move the few left into a new area.

Anyways, the other day when we were out playing in the garden, I thought it would be awesome to incorporate some of the plants alongside what will hopefully become an inviting play area for Zaedyn. The entire backyard is exciting to Zaedyn, but I can see this area further developing, especially with a bean teepee. I did not want to block Zaedyn’s climbing area as he was resourceful in using these logs as a natural climbing frame.


Zaedyn needs to be just a little bit taller, but he knows his limits. I observed as he was busy making his own fun and being adventurous. He is willing to give everything a go. I love how the aspect of nature brings out some amazing dispositions that are reflected though his play and cheeky personality.


Some plants would look beautiful here…


I will come back to a few more natural play ideas, but let’s get back to the garden. I put my kale outside yesterday and noticed a huge change today already from the wind. I have had great success growing plants in my kitchen only to put them outside not to thrive as they were previously. I remembered receiving a homeopathic newsletter talking about Arnica for transplanting plants. I quickly tracked it down and had a quick read. All you need to do is add a couple pillules or drops of Arnica to the water in your watering can and water your plants. As you would take Arnica for shock, plants benefit as well from the shock of transplanting them. Isn’t that amazing? It makes a lot of sense to me and is so easy as well.

I do not have any background with homeopathy and plants, but would love to read this recommended book Homoeopathy for Farm & Gar­den by Vaikunthanath Das Kaviraj. You can even use homeopathic remedies as natural herbicides. Anyone else interested? Check out Homeoplant.

Now added to Zaedyn’s play area is kale, some nasturtium, and blueberry BlueMagic. I hope that it will manage the shock of being outside and continue to thrive. Our parsley is always in abundance! Having bought miso from the Herbal Dispensary yesterday, I almost have all of the ingredients I need along with fresh parsley from the garden to make Edamame Dip. Thanks for pinning it for me, Mum. I am very curious as to how this will taste. Will definitely share my thoughts once I have made this dip.

I was going to continue the post with Zaedyn’s exploration in the garden with natural resources and the happiness that comes with sunshine, but I have been sidetracked and it is far too late for me to still be awake right now. I will still post about this soon though and will leave you with a photo from today in case you have not seen it already on Facebook. Zaedyn is rehydrating with a fresh young coconut after running around heaps with Kai, our rāpeti/rabbit.

Young Coconut

As you make your way out into the garden, remember that you can use homeopathy for your plants as well as yourself for things such as hayfever or even bee stings (hopefully not something you will come across). Hope everyone continues to enjoy the sunshine.

Easy Peasy Mexican Style


Spicy Guacamole Gourmet Dip: onion, rock salt, cajun spices, sun-dried tomato, garlic granules, coriander

Add spice sachet to 2 mashed avocados

Mix well & stir in 2 fresh chopped tomatoes (can be chilled for 20 minutes)

Mix into Mexican rice & organic mixed beans: chickpeas, pinto beans, kidney beans, white cannellini beans. Topped with fresh tomato, spicy guacamole dip, fresh coriander, & served with chips