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Fort & Teepee


peek a boo

A few chairs, a blanket, and some beautiful sarongs…our lounge was transformed into a magical place.

peek a boo

Zaedyn was full of excitement as he ran in and out of his new hiding place. Yes, with only one gumboot! I could not help smiling and playing along as I saw his big smiles and listened to his never ending giggles. They really are the best! We spent the entire morning playing in his new fort. He definitely had a few tickles whenever I found him.


If that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, we decided to search our garage for some of the bamboo that David cut down for us. It was quite difficult trying to put our teepee together with little hands to help, but I love that he was so curious and interested in building our teepee. I literally just took some twine and wrapped it around lots of different ways. It worked for us. The bamboo alone was exciting, but I knew we had to find some sort of cover. Hmmm…


Yip, our Winter sheet will do. We hopefully won’t be needing it for awhile anyways! Wrapped around and tucked under the twine, it completed our teepee and another new hiding place.


After a bit of playing around, Zaedyn was telling me, “Yoga,” and went looking for the yoga mat. I helped roll it out, and we found his yoga book. He was super excited about the tree pose that he is still doing it in the picture once I turned the page. I love hearing him get excited about yoga and that he can tell me tree pose and show me what it is. I think he is a clever little yogi.

Having a teepee is really exciting enough, but if you want another fun activity, why not have a tea party inside your teepee?!
gluten free scones

Add some gluten-free vegan scones, and your tea party is that much yummier than your pretend treats.

Can you tell how much fun we have been having? I was kind of getting used to our living room being crowded by a fort and teepee, but we decided to return our dining chairs back to the table until next time. However, we still have our giant teepee in our lounge, and with this much needed rain in NZ after a drought, I think it might be staying up for awhile. We are lucky enough to have a covered deck so that we can get some fresh air and still have some time outside even when it is pouring down. Do you and your little ones build forts or teepees? Possibly even some other cool hiding places in empty boxes? Feel free to share as you might inspire us in our next fort or hiding space.


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Gluten-Free Vegan Coconut Chocolates


One of my favourite combinations, coconut and chocolate. Plus, these are extremely easy to make & very yummy, too! They seem to be disappearing out of my fridge.

I am not sure if you can really go wrong with chocolate and coconut. I have followed a few recipes or come up with my own, and they always turn out delicious. I cannot seem to find my recipe at the moment, but I have even made a raw vegan version using a young coconut. I used to love Almond Joys and Bounty Bars, and these are the perfect vegan treats that remind me of them. This time, I was inspired by Tasty Yummies.

I have a very small mini muffin case and a slightly bigger one. I mixed 1 1/4 cup of shredded coconut, 1/4 cup of melted coconut oil, 2 TBLS agave (any vegan sweetener should be fine), and 1 tsp vanilla extract. I am sure that they would pop out alright from these, but you can grease them with coconut oil if you like. Then I packed the coconut mixture down into all 12 spots and popped them in the freezer. Easy peasy.
vegan almond joyAfter waiting for about 45 minutes, I popped each one out and set an almond on top of each. Now onto melting chocolate.
vegan almond joyThe recipe called for chocolate chips, but you can really use any sort of vegan chocolate. A block of dark Whittakers is the perfect amount. I debated about making some adjustments as I often find that melted chocolate is always a bit melty while you are trying to eat whatever you have made, but I decided to keep it simple. I knew that they would be yummy either way, even if I ended up with chocolate on my fingers.

I melted my chocolate, poured some into the 12 slots of the slightly bigger muffin case, popped each of the frozen coconut mix and almonds down, and then covered them with more chocolate. I thought this might be the easiest way, but the original recipe suggests using a fork to dip into the chocolate which would also work. If you do it this way, leave the almond out, dip in the chocolate, place the almond on top, and then pour chocolate over. Once all of mine were covered, I placed them back into the fridge to harden for another 45 minutes or so.
vegan bounty bar
Yum! I decided to keep these in the fridge and have been noticing them disappearing. They really are that yummy. Oh, how I love chocolate and coconut. These are definitely worth making, and the hardest part is probably being patient while you wait for them to set in the freezer and fridge. Enjoy!

Gluten-Free Vegan Bagels with Cherub Dairy-Free Cream Cheese


gluten free bagels

We waited so patiently to take these out of the oven as they smelled delicious. Our house still smells amazing! This is the first time that I have ever made bagels and experimented with yeast so I still feel that there is a bit of room for adjustments, but we definitely enjoyed these nonetheless.

My inspiration for these bagels was the recipe from Fork and Beans. Actually, I was just going to try out Cara’s recipe, but we needed to make some adjustments to work with what we had. If you haven’t seen her blog yet, she has some pretty amazing recipes that you may want to try.

Coming across this recipe on Pinterest along with the new release of New Zealand’s Cherub Dairy-Free Cream Cheese Alternative made me super excited for bagels and cream cheese. I grew up enjoying bagels and cream cheese. In California, there were bagel shops which made fresh bagels daily. It used to be pretty exciting to go buy fresh bagels from the bagel shop for breakfast. Now, I cannot even remember the last time I had a bagel with cream cheese, but I do remember that they were yummy.

gluten free bagel

So onto the recipe now. I was going to buy brown rice flour at Bin Inn the other day, but since they didn’t have any sorghum flour, I figured that I would get it when I came back. In the end, I ordered the flours online, but they only stocked white rice flour. I decided that it would have to do. Then I completely overlooked the fact that I didn’t get arrowroot powder either because they did not stock that either. My alternative was replacing the same amount with tapioca starch. Oh, and I ordered my flours from Gluten Free Store Ltd. The prices seemed a lot cheaper than many other shops, but unless you live in Auckland or close by, it may not be worth it. My shipping costs were extremely high! You can even pick up your items if you live in Auckland.

polentaAfter mixing my dough, I found it to be a bit dry. I was tempted to leave it, but then I could not resist wetting my hands and trying to make it a little better, but I did not want to make it too wet. Turns out, I probably should have. As this is something completely new to me, I did not want to risk ruining it. I should usually just go with my instinct though. As you can see in the pictures, they were not exactly perfect since it was a dry dough, but they still looked yummy. After letting them sit and boiling them in water (something I had not known before about bagel making), I set mine in polenta and then onto my tray. If you have cornmeal, that will work fine as that was what the original recipe called for anyways. As I am still stuck with finding a cooking brush, I had to just spoon some of my glaze on and add my toppings. I chose to add poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion flakes, and cumin seeds. You can play around with all sorts to come up with your favourite type of bagel. I am pretty sure I will stick to everything bagels as they are my favourite!

gluten free bagel

dairy free cream cheese

vegan cream cheese

Zaedyn gave it 2 thumbs up! He was lucky enough to have a little try a couple weeks ago from Hazel. I have been waiting to open ours knowing that it would have to be eaten within 7 days, but with plans to make bagels today, Zaedyn enjoyed some Cherub dairy-free cream cheese alternative on Orgran Toasted Multigrain Crispibread with Quinoa and on toast. He was a little bit uncertain about it at the start, but I think he has grown to like it. It is probably such a different taste than what he is used to, but he continued to eat it and was full of cheeky smiles.

dairy free cruskits

dairy free bagels

What do you think of Cherub Dairy-Free Cream Cheese alternative?

It is hard to know whether or not you will like it, but I definitely think that you should try it at least once to find out. Alternatives might not always be the same as what you remember, but at least they are cruelty free and over time your taste buds change. If you are someone who misses cream cheese or is just a bit curious like I was, you can order online or buy from stockists. Alice from Angel Food has done an awesome job providing dairy-free and vegan treats, and Cherub Dairy-Free is the next step which creates local dairy-free alternatives. I love the fact that these are being made right here in New Zealand. To find out more, you can visit their website, join their Facebook page, and check out an awesome interview from Doctor Feelgood.

Oh, and as far as the bagels, they were a super yummy way to enjoy Cherub’s cream cheese, but I think I will be experimenting a bit more to adjust the bagel recipe. I think that they could be just a bit softer in texture, but I am still loving the yummy smell coming from our kitchen. Let us know how else you enjoy your cream cheese alternative.

Gluten-Free Spirulina Playdough


gluten-free playdough

Ever wondered about gluten-free playdough with no food colouring? It is definitely possible! Some of you might be wondering if there is any point, but for some children even playdough is a huge concern. If a child cannot consume gluten, playing with playdough is still entering their skin and you never know what might end up in their mouth. I have never stopped Zaedyn from playing with white flour playdough as that is what we used at the centre, but seeing as we only buy gluten-free flour that is what we make at our house.

Another big concern for me in playdough is food colouring. There is a lot of controversy about the dangers and effects of food colouring, but an even bigger concern for me is the fact that they can be tested on animals or contain crushed insects.

Rather than use food dye, we opted to use some spirulina powder to make our playdough green. There are a number of ways to create your own natural dyes from juicing a variety of fruits and vegetables, herbs, spices, or even tea bags. Check out this gluten-free pink playdough simply from using raspberry tea! I would love to hear any of your favourite playdough recipes or clever ways to make your own colours.

Spirulina Playdough
Zaedyn was pretty excited to play with the playdough as we have not made any for awhile now. After exploring the texture with his hands, the animals needed to come and join the fun.

Spirulina Playdough

Spirulina Playdough

He loved making lots of animal footprints in the playdough. This really sparked lots of imaginative play as Zaedyn was chatting away and setting the scene with his animal friends.

Spirulina Playdough

Of course this including feeding his lamb….

Spirulina Playdough

as well as Lamby and Kai giving kisses. Even through his play, you can really tell how much Zaedyn loves and cares for animals. It always makes me smile to see his compassion for animals shine through in every aspect of his life.

I am also always amazed at how something as simple as playdough can create endless amounts of fun and allow for different creative play whenever it is used. Playdough involves sensory play, imaginative play, and inspires lots of dispositions.

Do you remember playing with playdough as a child? Do your children have favourite materials they like to use while playing with playdough? Some ideas include kitchen toy sets, rolling pins and cookie cutters, golf tees and hammers, popsicle sticks or matchsticks, animals, natural resources, pompoms or pipe cleaners, etc. There are endless materials to provide, and I am sure your children will be creative and find their own materials to use through this open-ended exploration.

Gluten-Free Vegan Pizza


vegan pizza
Inspired by me thinking about my first vegan pizza ever from Z Pizza when we were in California. The first time I went was with my twin, and I decided to build my own pizza as I am not a huge fan of tomato sauce or vegan “meat substitutes”. However, I have been back since with the rest of my family and enjoyed the Berkeley Vegan. Everyone in my family isn’t vegan, but they still enjoyed it as well. Actually, we have been a few times now as my sister lives by one and my parents live not too far from another one. Funny to think I grew up not liking pizza so I suppose it isn’t a usual in our house, but vegan pizza is nice to have on ocassion. If you ever have a chance to go to the States and come across Z Pizza, there are lots of vegan options using Daiya vegan cheese and a gluten-free base. Looking at the website now, the veggie crumbles currently contain wheat although you may wish to double check with the store.
vegan pizza base
I didn’t make my own crust, however if you like thin and crispy pizza, you won’t be disappointed with Venerdi’s Thin & Crispy Pizza Bases. Venerdi has some great gluten-free vegan options. When we come across their Full Flavoured Six Seeds bread, we buy it. I even used the leftover Cheezly to make Zaedyn Cheezly on toast. I am trying to think of all sorts to use this gluten-free base for as David just loved it. I have been looking at making my own crust, but since we have only occasionally made pizza, these have worked for us. I have always been quite curious about making a *cauliflower crust though. We made these over the weekend, but it seems as if everything I am seeing at the moment is pizza. Everyone must be in the mood for vegan pizza :).
Hummus PizzaTopped with Hummus (I am not a huge fan of tomato sauce, and this is a yummy alternative)

vegan cheese

Mozzarella Cheezly from Angel Food
Gluten-Free Pizza

Layers of yellow courgette slice (zucchini) and green capsicum (peppers) from our garden and onion between shredded mozzarella cheezly

vegan pizza

You can adjust the amount of Cheezly you use. We used quite a lot and it was yummy, but you could easily load up more veggies and use less Cheezly. Although it only lasts 7 days once opened, you can shred and freeze the Cheezly if you want to make it last.

This is a super quick recipe Fan Bake 250 C for 8-10 minutes.
vegan pizza
Zaedyn was a bit curious and was busy examining the pizza the first night although still eating his share, but we made it again late the next afternoon and David and I were lucky to get any pizza. We kept hearing “More.” This was after he ate his Cheezly on toast! He must be growing with the amount he is eating. He is just getting so big and is even cutting both bottom 2 year molars. Only 2 more baby teeth to go.

It has been an extremely long time since we made pizza before this weekend. When Zaedyn was just over a year, we made this gluten-free vegan pizza with a kale, hummus, and chopped tomato base topped with onion, broccoli, cauliflower, falafel, tomato, and Cheezly (although I think it may have been Cheddar Cheezly). This was packed pretty high, but super yummy. This was Zaedyn’s first pizza!
Vegan Pizza
Since then, I made another gluten-free vegan pizza inspired by Hell’s Pizza, although not super spicy. We tried Sinister, their vegan pizza, not long before I was due with Zaedyn, and I remember it being pretty hot. This is a pizza without cheese using refried beans on the base, avocado, onions, salsa, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and capsicum. Zaedyn loved my version of this as well! Can you believe that I didn’t take a photo of it for some reason?! Guess you will just have to use your imagination and know that this is a yummy vegan pizza where you don’t need vegan cheese.

*Cauliflower Pizza Crust: Just today, Angel Food shared a pizza recipe using a cauliflower base, and I just received a new post email for a cauliflower crust pizza from a new favourite blog Modern Hippie Cooks.

Plus, on the topic of vegan pizza, Jordan from Coexisting with Nonhuman Animals and the Invercargill Vegan Society posted a link to housewarming food including all sorts of vegan pizza toppings. Although most pita bread isn’t gluten-free, it does make a quick easy base which I remember using for David in the past. You may come across some gluten-free pitas which you can try, too.

See, who said vegans can’t eat pizza! There are heaps of yummy options available to make or even eat out. What is your favourite vegan topping for pizza? Any recipe links to share?

{Gluten-Free & Vegan} Chocolate Peanut Butter Nut & Seed Bars


vegan bars

{Gluten-Free & Vegan} Chocolate Peanut Butter Nut & Seed Bars

adapted from 86 Lemons which was previously adapted from Vegan Heartland

1 1/2 cups organic rolled oats (gluten-free)

1/4 cup LSA (Linseed, Sunflower, Almond)

1/4 cup chia seeds

1/2 cup organic quinoa puffs

1/3 cup pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup cashews

1/2 cup macadamia nuts

1/2 cup almonds

1/2 cup agave nectar

1 cup organic peanut butter

1/2 cup chopped vegan chocolate

This is a super easy recipe with no cooking involved, and raw if you use the right ingredients. You literally just stir everything together using any ingredients you wish or happen to have on hand, flatten in a container lined with baking paper to make it easy to lift out, refrigerate over night or freeze for an hour or so until firm (I did a combination of both as I tried the fridge and became a bit impatient), and then cut them into bars. This makes heaps so best to keep in freezer or make a smaller batch depending on how many you think you can eat.

My little helper enjoyed eating the nuts and seeds from the plate and reaching in to taste test the bars on the plate even though the one he ate before was obviously pretty yummy! I think Zaedyn likes these bars 😉 If you wanted to make them for your little ones and are worried about choking, you could always chop the nuts finer by hand or even quickly in the food processor. Zaedyn has been eating nuts for a long time and chews them very well on their own as a snack so he manages these fine.

*I love nut bars and have been wanting to make these for a long time. They are so yummy, but I think I would make them without the chocolate next time as I had planned. Of course chocolate and peanut butter is yummy together together though, but I would like to make them without the chocolate and peanut butter as well or even the possibility of changing the flavour with dried fruit. We don’t usually have any dried fruit although this would be a perfect way to increase iron with some chopped dried apricots.

Vegan Bar
vegan nut bars
vegan nut bar

Enjoy! I would love to hear if you decide to make these, or any variation you think you might like to try. You really can just use up a mix of all sorts from your pantry.

{Gluten-Free & Vegan} Mini Chocolate Banana Cupcakes


vegan cupcakes

vegan chocolate{Gluten-Free & Vegan} Mini Chocolate Banana Cupcakes with Vegan Sprinkles
vegan cpcakes
We had a very special 1st birthday party this past weekend. One of my best friend’s little girl turned 1. Amazing how fast the year has gone!

We have been talking about the party for awhile now, and as usual, they are so considerate of what we eat. I was not too worried as it sounded like there were lots of yummy options, especially Zaedyn’s favourite: Avocado sushi!

I knew that I would probably make some cupcakes or something that wouldn’t interest Zaedyn, but he sometimes surprises me and thought it would be a nice option or alternative for others, too. We were in a bit of a rush, and I was using a different gluten-free flour, but I thought I would make some chocolate banana cupcakes that I have previously made. However, I usually make them bigger with walnuts and chocolate chunks! I had some vegan sprinkles that we have never used though so I was excited to use them for our special cupcakes.

Again, a Pinterest find from Love and Olive Oil, except of course a few adjustments :). I used almond milk instead of coconut milk, coconut oil instead of canola oil, gluten-free flour, and less vegan sugar. The icing seemed to set a bit better after being in the fridge than when we used it straight away. Topped with vegan sprinkles, these were beautiful little cupcakes. The banana is a huge flavour in these though so if you don’t care for banana, then this might not be the recipe for you. Some little vegan fingers seemed to enjoy poking at the icing. Personally, the icing is a bit much for me just because I am not used to it, but I was told that they were yummy.
vegan birthday cupcakes
Oh, and I am pretty sure the birthday girl had a lovely day with all of her friends and family around, full of smiles, and a beautiful set up thanks to her Mummy and Daddy.

{Gluten-Free & Vegan} Tempeh Hot Wings


Vegan Hot Wings

Experimenting with tempeh and another variation of gluten-free wings from my Buffalo Cauliflower Wings. I am pretty sure you could use this recipe for the cauliflower which would be super yummy, too. I love cauliflower! This was the closest we came to anything to do with the Super Bowl. Think I have only ever worried about the food anyways!

{Gluten-Free & Vegan} Tempeh Hot Wings
inspired by Buffalo Tempeh “Wings”

-250g package of tempeh
-1/3 c almond milk (I am sure any dairy free milk will work, but we seem to always have almond)
-1/3 c gluten-free flour
-1/2 tsp Himalayan Crystal Salt
-3/4 tsp Basil (or other dried herb)
-1 tsp paprika
-1/2 tsp garlic powder (I didn’t have any and forgot to use fresh garlic)
-fresh ground pepper
-1 c gluten-free bread crumbs

Hot Wing Sauce
***Warning: This is a very hot sauce which you may wish to adjust for a milder version
-1/2 c Nando’s HOT Peri-Peri Sauce (labelled vegan, but you may be able to find or make your own vegan hot sauce)
-2 TBSP vegan butter
-1 TBSP tomato sauce (or ketchup)

Vegan Wings

I boiled 4 cups of water in the kettle, and then transferred to the stove for another quick boil before adding my tempeh. You can slice in whatever shape or thickness you prefer, but I just cut quartered mine and continued to cut which left me with 12 pieces. After the water was boiled, I turned it down between medium and high, added my tempeh, and set the timer to 15 minutes.

While waiting for the tempeh, I set out my 3 bowls. The first one with almond milk, the second one with the gluten-free flour and seasonings, and the third one with gluten-free bread crumbs. Oh, and somewhere along the line depending on how fast your oven heats up, preheat to just above 200 C or 400 F. When the tempeh has been in the boiling water for 15 minutes, drain and rinse with cold filtered water.

I used tongs and placed each strip one by one from almond milk to flour mixture, back to almond milk, and into the bread crumbs. I set them on top of a baking sheet and placed them into the oven for 10 minutes, flipped them over, and cooked for another 10 minutes.

While the “wings” were cooking, I made my hot sauce. The original recipe talks about heating the sauce in a microwave. We do not use a microwave in our house so I personally recommend putting your ingredients into a pot and heating.

Does anyone else choose not use a microwave?

Once the timer goes off again and the tempeh wings are ready, toss with your hot sauce, serve with celery, and enjoy! I have never been a huge fan of dressings, but you could definitely serve with a vegan dressing as well.

Vegan Wings

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Raw Gluten-Free Vegan Carrot Cake


Yum! These were delicious. Raw, gluten-free, and of course vegan! I have lots left in my freezer to take out and thaw when I feel like raw carrot cake. This was a Pinterest find if you want to check out the recipe. The Sweet Life’s Raw Carrot Bites look a lot harder and smoothly cut compared to mine, but that is because I was too impatient to let them freeze long enough and was a bit quick to try them. Didn’t matter though seeing as they tasted good!

Very happy that I tried the recipe, and hope you will, too. I have not had carrot cake in a long time, but this seemed so different to anything else I had made that I was quite curious. I always tend to go for the chocolate recipes ;). I am used to raw desserts which can be a bit different sometimes and would really love to know what others think. I debated about using half the cashew icing although it really doesn’t seem like too much. Please let me know if you make these or have already made them.

Do you have a favourite raw dessert recipe of your own or someone else’s that you often make?


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Fruit & Greens



Ever need more space in your kitchen? A cupcake plate stand is the perfect solution, and it even makes it more appealing to choose what you want to eat. We have been living off mostly what we can find in our kitchen or out in the garden. Unfortunately, we do not have a backyard full of fruit trees. We made a trip to the store and filled our trolley with fresh fruit as you can see. Yum! As some of the produce can be limited, we bought as much organic fruit as possible. We even found mangoes for under $3. With a much higher price tag, I could not resist buying at least 3 passionfruit. If you have been following me from the start or know me well, they are one of my favourite fruits. I was quite surprised to see them already coming into season, but at $39.99kg! Since our lovely lamb ate our other vine and our new one is still growing, I am uncertain if ours will even produce fruit this year. I hope that someone near me will kindly donate lots of passionfruit to us because I definitely cannot afford to keep buying this yummy fruit.

You might be wondering what the cauliflower photos are all about. It might seem a bit silly and really simple, but have you ever cut cauliflower in small pieces or tossed some in the food processor and mixed in hummus? If not, you should definitely try it. We love raw cauliflower and hummus, but this is just something a little bit different. Depending on the flavour hummus, there is a slight resemblance to Mac ‘n Cheese. Well, that might just be me. It has been a very long time since I had that, and I do not remember having it all that much, but I always seem to think of it when eating this. I usually use a spicy or capsicum hummus, but feel free to use any kind. Yum! Zaedyn likes to dip big pieces of raw cauliflower in hummus, but this is also a great alternative. If you have little ones and are worried about choking, you can process this a lot more than I did and then mix with hummus.

Another beautiful day in the sunshine! I heard Zaedyn and the lawnmower making their way down the steps as I grabbed our smoothie, and off he went. Lawnmowers seem to be one of the most important things in his life at the moment. He just loves them, and he will be the first to hear and tell you about them when a neighbour is mowing their lawn. Last weekend we bought a handmower which seems to be working really well and is much more eco-friendly than our other lawnmower. If only we could cover our entire yard with fruits and veggies! Even with the amount we eat, I am pretty sure I would have a lot to share seeing as we have a pretty big yard.

This is our third day of somewhat following the 40 Days of Smoothies e-book. As I have mentioned before, I never seem to follow recipes; not even my own. Why? Often I use what I have or prefer to use, and by the end I realise that I have actually changed or substituted a lot. However, I still am inspired by looking at a recipe. Anyways, if you have the e-book, my changes were cacao instead of cocoa powder, a mix of kale and spinach as we are running low on kale, LSA (linseed, sunflower, and almond) instead of flax meal, and some frozen banana instead of maple syrup. There was an extra addition of green today with avocado in our smoothie. Oh, and the photo on the right is just another little snack: avocado on organic sesame corn thins sprinkled with chia seeds for an extra boost.

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