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Gluten-Free Vegan Pizza


vegan pizza
Inspired by me thinking about my first vegan pizza ever from Z Pizza when we were in California. The first time I went was with my twin, and I decided to build my own pizza as I am not a huge fan of tomato sauce or vegan “meat substitutes”. However, I have been back since with the rest of my family and enjoyed the Berkeley Vegan. Everyone in my family isn’t vegan, but they still enjoyed it as well. Actually, we have been a few times now as my sister lives by one and my parents live not too far from another one. Funny to think I grew up not liking pizza so I suppose it isn’t a usual in our house, but vegan pizza is nice to have on ocassion. If you ever have a chance to go to the States and come across Z Pizza, there are lots of vegan options using Daiya vegan cheese and a gluten-free base. Looking at the website now, the veggie crumbles currently contain wheat although you may wish to double check with the store.
vegan pizza base
I didn’t make my own crust, however if you like thin and crispy pizza, you won’t be disappointed with Venerdi’s Thin & Crispy Pizza Bases. Venerdi has some great gluten-free vegan options. When we come across their Full Flavoured Six Seeds bread, we buy it. I even used the leftover Cheezly to make Zaedyn Cheezly on toast. I am trying to think of all sorts to use this gluten-free base for as David just loved it. I have been looking at making my own crust, but since we have only occasionally made pizza, these have worked for us. I have always been quite curious about making a *cauliflower crust though. We made these over the weekend, but it seems as if everything I am seeing at the moment is pizza. Everyone must be in the mood for vegan pizza :).
Hummus PizzaTopped with Hummus (I am not a huge fan of tomato sauce, and this is a yummy alternative)

vegan cheese

Mozzarella Cheezly from Angel Food
Gluten-Free Pizza

Layers of yellow courgette slice (zucchini) and green capsicum (peppers) from our garden and onion between shredded mozzarella cheezly

vegan pizza

You can adjust the amount of Cheezly you use. We used quite a lot and it was yummy, but you could easily load up more veggies and use less Cheezly. Although it only lasts 7 days once opened, you can shred and freeze the Cheezly if you want to make it last.

This is a super quick recipe Fan Bake 250 C for 8-10 minutes.
vegan pizza
Zaedyn was a bit curious and was busy examining the pizza the first night although still eating his share, but we made it again late the next afternoon and David and I were lucky to get any pizza. We kept hearing “More.” This was after he ate his Cheezly on toast! He must be growing with the amount he is eating. He is just getting so big and is even cutting both bottom 2 year molars. Only 2 more baby teeth to go.

It has been an extremely long time since we made pizza before this weekend. When Zaedyn was just over a year, we made this gluten-free vegan pizza with a kale, hummus, and chopped tomato base topped with onion, broccoli, cauliflower, falafel, tomato, and Cheezly (although I think it may have been Cheddar Cheezly). This was packed pretty high, but super yummy. This was Zaedyn’s first pizza!
Vegan Pizza
Since then, I made another gluten-free vegan pizza inspired by Hell’s Pizza, although not super spicy. We tried Sinister, their vegan pizza, not long before I was due with Zaedyn, and I remember it being pretty hot. This is a pizza without cheese using refried beans on the base, avocado, onions, salsa, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and capsicum. Zaedyn loved my version of this as well! Can you believe that I didn’t take a photo of it for some reason?! Guess you will just have to use your imagination and know that this is a yummy vegan pizza where you don’t need vegan cheese.

*Cauliflower Pizza Crust: Just today, Angel Food shared a pizza recipe using a cauliflower base, and I just received a new post email for a cauliflower crust pizza from a new favourite blog Modern Hippie Cooks.

Plus, on the topic of vegan pizza, Jordan from Coexisting with Nonhuman Animals and the Invercargill Vegan Society posted a link to housewarming food including all sorts of vegan pizza toppings. Although most pita bread isn’t gluten-free, it does make a quick easy base which I remember using for David in the past. You may come across some gluten-free pitas which you can try, too.

See, who said vegans can’t eat pizza! There are heaps of yummy options available to make or even eat out. What is your favourite vegan topping for pizza? Any recipe links to share?