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Gluten-Free Vegan Bagels with Cherub Dairy-Free Cream Cheese


gluten free bagels

We waited so patiently to take these out of the oven as they smelled delicious. Our house still smells amazing! This is the first time that I have ever made bagels and experimented with yeast so I still feel that there is a bit of room for adjustments, but we definitely enjoyed these nonetheless.

My inspiration for these bagels was the recipe from Fork and Beans. Actually, I was just going to try out Cara’s recipe, but we needed to make some adjustments to work with what we had. If you haven’t seen her blog yet, she has some pretty amazing recipes that you may want to try.

Coming across this recipe on Pinterest along with the new release of New Zealand’s Cherub Dairy-Free Cream Cheese Alternative made me super excited for bagels and cream cheese. I grew up enjoying bagels and cream cheese. In California, there were bagel shops which made fresh bagels daily. It used to be pretty exciting to go buy fresh bagels from the bagel shop for breakfast. Now, I cannot even remember the last time I had a bagel with cream cheese, but I do remember that they were yummy.

gluten free bagel

So onto the recipe now. I was going to buy brown rice flour at Bin Inn the other day, but since they didn’t have any sorghum flour, I figured that I would get it when I came back. In the end, I ordered the flours online, but they only stocked white rice flour. I decided that it would have to do. Then I completely overlooked the fact that I didn’t get arrowroot powder either because they did not stock that either. My alternative was replacing the same amount with tapioca starch. Oh, and I ordered my flours from Gluten Free Store Ltd. The prices seemed a lot cheaper than many other shops, but unless you live in Auckland or close by, it may not be worth it. My shipping costs were extremely high! You can even pick up your items if you live in Auckland.

polentaAfter mixing my dough, I found it to be a bit dry. I was tempted to leave it, but then I could not resist wetting my hands and trying to make it a little better, but I did not want to make it too wet. Turns out, I probably should have. As this is something completely new to me, I did not want to risk ruining it. I should usually just go with my instinct though. As you can see in the pictures, they were not exactly perfect since it was a dry dough, but they still looked yummy. After letting them sit and boiling them in water (something I had not known before about bagel making), I set mine in polenta and then onto my tray. If you have cornmeal, that will work fine as that was what the original recipe called for anyways. As I am still stuck with finding a cooking brush, I had to just spoon some of my glaze on and add my toppings. I chose to add poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion flakes, and cumin seeds. You can play around with all sorts to come up with your favourite type of bagel. I am pretty sure I will stick to everything bagels as they are my favourite!

gluten free bagel

dairy free cream cheese

vegan cream cheese

Zaedyn gave it 2 thumbs up! He was lucky enough to have a little try a couple weeks ago from Hazel. I have been waiting to open ours knowing that it would have to be eaten within 7 days, but with plans to make bagels today, Zaedyn enjoyed some Cherub dairy-free cream cheese alternative on Orgran Toasted Multigrain Crispibread with Quinoa and on toast. He was a little bit uncertain about it at the start, but I think he has grown to like it. It is probably such a different taste than what he is used to, but he continued to eat it and was full of cheeky smiles.

dairy free cruskits

dairy free bagels

What do you think of Cherub Dairy-Free Cream Cheese alternative?

It is hard to know whether or not you will like it, but I definitely think that you should try it at least once to find out. Alternatives might not always be the same as what you remember, but at least they are cruelty free and over time your taste buds change. If you are someone who misses cream cheese or is just a bit curious like I was, you can order online or buy from stockists. Alice from Angel Food has done an awesome job providing dairy-free and vegan treats, and Cherub Dairy-Free is the next step which creates local dairy-free alternatives. I love the fact that these are being made right here in New Zealand. To find out more, you can visit their website, join their Facebook page, and check out an awesome interview from Doctor Feelgood.

Oh, and as far as the bagels, they were a super yummy way to enjoy Cherub’s cream cheese, but I think I will be experimenting a bit more to adjust the bagel recipe. I think that they could be just a bit softer in texture, but I am still loving the yummy smell coming from our kitchen. Let us know how else you enjoy your cream cheese alternative.