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Buzz & a Puddle: The Joys of Childhood


Zaedyn Tai & Buzz

Buzz liked to follow Zaedyn…

…even to the puddle!

Pekepeke ~ Jumping in his Gummies

A bit uncertain about falling in the puddle

…though he decided to get up and happily carry on playing, even with his wet bum.

     What wonderful learning opportunities & excitement this morning: a lamb and a puddle! As sheep exist all over the country, it is great for Zaedyn to enjoy opportunities to learn about lambs. He has had a few visits from lambs already and is building his love for them as well as all animals. Even when Buzz was following him and getting a bit excited looking for his milk, Zaedyn remained curious and interested. Buzz just seemed to keep appearing near Zaedyn. I couldn’t help but wonder and try to interpret what he was thinking. I loved seeing Zaedyn so happy with this lamb. As an abandoned triplet, too common amongst sheep, Buzz has been given hope. He seemed to be quite happy drinking his bottle, and I think that he had a pretty fun day being loved by lots of little toddlers.

     Why not let tamariki jump in puddles? We can change wet clothes, but we cannot give them some of the wonderful learning opportunities that can occur in nature and the freedom to play if we stop them from exploring. I was actually really excited when Zaedyn started jumping in the puddle. His face was full of joy, & I believe that nature encourages children’s imagination. The puddle also provided for social interaction where he watched and jumped in the puddle alongside his good friend as they were both filled with pure excitement. There was even learning happening through Zaedyn’s fall in the puddle to getting past his wet bottom and happily carrying on to play. Who knew how much learning and fun could take place this morning with the surprise visit from Buzz, the lamb, & a puddle left from the evening rain.