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Raw Gluten-Free Vegan Carrot Cake


Yum! These were delicious. Raw, gluten-free, and of course vegan! I have lots left in my freezer to take out and thaw when I feel like raw carrot cake. This was a Pinterest find if you want to check out the recipe. The Sweet Life’s Raw Carrot Bites look a lot harder and smoothly cut compared to mine, but that is because I was too impatient to let them freeze long enough and was a bit quick to try them. Didn’t matter though seeing as they tasted good!

Very happy that I tried the recipe, and hope you will, too. I have not had carrot cake in a long time, but this seemed so different to anything else I had made that I was quite curious. I always tend to go for the chocolate recipes ;). I am used to raw desserts which can be a bit different sometimes and would really love to know what others think. I debated about using half the cashew icing although it really doesn’t seem like too much. Please let me know if you make these or have already made them.

Do you have a favourite raw dessert recipe of your own or someone else’s that you often make?


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