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Spicy Cauliflower Buffalo Wings


See the Vegan label

     Spicy! Hot out of the oven and served with raw celery, my cauliflower buffalo wings were definitely spicy. Why would I want to make these, and what’s with the cauliflower?

     My twin sister introduced me to Gardein products a couple years ago when we were visiting California. Although I am not a huge fan of fake meatless products, I really enjoyed being able to go out to eat at the Yardhouse with family and enjoy a yummy meal: Gardein Orange Peel Chicken served with baby corn, bok choy, and rice in a sweet orange glaze. Usually I am very limited to my options on the menu, but there was an entire Gardein section of meals to choose from. Gardein products are not gluten-free as it is a substitute made from soy, wheat, pea proteins, vegetables, and ancient grains, but I chose to try it anyways. With all of these options, David and I were quick to choose to go back to the Yardhouse again for our next special meal out with family. However this time we all chose to try the Gardein Boneless Wings as an appetizer during Happy Hour. Spicy, but yum. David laughs at me as I am still skeptical of fake meat items, letting him try it first to confirm that it isn’t actual meat and then trying it myself to still question and make sure that it is actually a substitute.

     Back in Cali again visiting a few months ago, we went out to eat at the Yardhouse and tried both the Gardein Orange Peel Chicken and Boneless Wings again. I could hardly get through my actual meal after having our appetizer so was lucky to have leftovers for dinner as well. I also tried the Buffalo Wings at the Veggie Grill for lunch another day. David did not used to enjoy spicy foods, but he has become more tolerant since having been with me. He really enjoyed these meatless buffalo wings. We do not usually eat out at restaurants or eat a lot of meatless products as such, but they were just a different alternative that we would be happy to eat on occasion. The only problem is that they do not make things like this where we live. Our new find this summer was Trader Joe’s vegan version of Orange Chickenless which I am sure would be on the menu every night if David somehow managed to find a product like this in New Zealand.

     So through my search for other things one night through Pinterest and blogs, I randomly came across Spicy Cauliflower Buffalo Wings. This really interested me as I love cauliflower. Anyways, I finally gave it a go tonight. Don’t think I have the recipe quite right as I need to make a few adjustments, but I can see how this can be a yummy healthy alternative and will be attempting to recreate this again. I will also be trying a different version of meatless wings from the Native Foods blog. Can’t wait to see what these ones will turn out like as well as I can see my husband liking this version. I might need to think about adding cauliflower to my garden seeing as I am out again already and know that I will be wanting hummus and cauliflower for lunch tomorrow.

Spicy Cauliflower Buffalo Wings