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Vegan Vegg Burrito

The Vegg

Vegan breakfast style burrito with The Vegg scrambled tofu, potatoes, fresh salsa, & avocado.

Experimenting with the last bit of The Vegg, recreating a breakfast burrito we used to always eat after surfing.

Blend 2tsp of The Vegg with 1/2c almond milk and set aside.

Peel and cut a few potatoes into a variety of small pieces and boil to make them a bit softer.

Scramble up firm style tofu. After cooking for a bit, you can add a little bit of Olivani or dairy-free butter and continue to cook until you are happy with it. Then pour The Vegg mixture on top and continue to cook until you have scrambled Veggs.

Drain the water from the potatoes and mix in a little avocado oil. I started making my fresh salsa while cooking them in a pan. I basically just cut up up a tomato, some onion, red capsicum, and coriander.

To assemble the burrito, add the potatoes, Vegg scramble, fresh salsa, and avocado slices. You can use any vegan tortilla or wrap, mountain bread, or make it gluten-free. Yum! You can even add some vegan hot sauce or soyrizo. Endless additions to adjust the burrito just how you like it.

Anyone else tried The Vegg yet? Curious to see what others think of it.

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