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Sustainable Paperless


Planning your next party, but don’t want to use all your ink, paper, time, and trees?!


Paperless Post has you covered! I am so excited that I was recently introduced to this sustainable option by a colleague. I opened my email to instantly view my invitation and realized how this was a game changer. Although there are other evites available, on Paperless you watch a card digitally come out of an envelope and open to your screen for you to view. It takes away that feeling of just reading a screen and combining sustainability with novelty and connection.

I cannot wait to use Paperless Post for my next invitation! What event do you have coming up that you will use Paperless Post for?


My sister finds out tomorrow whether she is having a boy or girl this summer so I just found myself wandering through the baby shower invitations. With my first born, everything was jungle themed, and I just found some that I would have used back then!









The fruit baby images remind me of The Bump. How many of you followed or are following along to see the size of your baby in comparison to fruit? It seems to be pretty standard these days! We all must know or ask what fruit the baby is each week.

In contrast to all these baby invites, the invitation I originally received was for an event at a business location for their Grand Opening. The possibilities are endless, and you may even decide to create more invites that you may otherwise not have created if you had to buy and print out or write on invites to send.

I was also just looking back at Zaedyn’s first birthday party invites and remembered printing extras to send to our family overseas. It would have been much cheaper and simpler to send them a Paperless Post instead of printing and posting across the ocean. Looking at the invite though makes you realize how important and special invitations can be.


Whatever your reason for choosing Paperless Post, I know that you will be happy from spending less, helping save the Earth, the convenience of creating and sending from your own home in comparison to running around finding invites especially with a toddler in tow, providing ease for friends and family to quickly respond with a click of a button, having many options available, and so much more!


Here’s your chance to win 1000 coins ($90 value) that can be used on paperlesspost.com for your next evite, thank you cards, stationary, and more by entering through a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

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