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Win an ERGObaby Carrier


Do you use an ERGObaby carrier for your little ones? Do you know about babywearing? Check out my previous post from Babywearing Week to learn more about babywearing.

To me, the carriers are a bit like cloth nappies. People choose different ones for various reasons to suit you and your family’s needs. Before Zaedyn was born, we had decided to use a sling. We received an awesome Nature’s Sway sling, and we even ended up getting a beautiful Maya Wrap sling. I don’t want to repeat myself too much so check out my post to see our slings in action. They really have been wonderful for us. To this day, Zaedyn still does not use his pram. We do have one, but he has never been very keen to sit in it. Well, it is currently collapsed down in our living room since we needed space in the car, and he loves sitting it in and pretending to drive. However, any walks with the pram end with me holding Zaedyn and pushing an empty pram!

We often hold Zaedyn wherever we go, but it is amazing how much that bit of extra support with a sling really helps. We are quite an adventurous family and have traveled all over New Zealand and overseas, many places which would not have suited a pram anyways. I have lost count of how many walks we have been on down to beaches, up the Mount, or to different waterfalls.

Getting to my point, Belly Beyond is having an ERGObaby giveaway which we would absolutely love to win. We also want to tell you about it in case you want to enter as well. As Zaedyn is almost 2 now, he is getting a bit heavy for us on some of our adventures. We really feel that an ERGObaby carrier is just what we need and would love for you to help support us in winning as well.

I was going to wait until next week until I shared some amazing news with everyone, but seeing as the photo includes this information and another reason why we are really hoping to win this carrier, I will share Zaedyn’s special announcement now…

vegan brother

We are very excited about the arrival of another little vegan bubz. I know that Zaedyn will be an awesome big brother, and we look forward to seeing our family grow. You will most likely be getting some updates and possibly a look back at my pregnancy with Zaedyn.

Once Zaedyn arrived, we seemed to travel even more to show him exciting places and provide him learning opportunities through exploration. We are hoping to continue to do so, and the thought of having an ERGObaby carrier will be very helpful. As my puku grows, our walks down the hill to Raglan with all of our beach gear and surfboards while holding Zaedyn is going to get a bit more difficult.

New Zealand

If we win, we will definitely be going on all sorts of adventures using the ERGObaby carrier and will write a post with our feedback to let you know how it is working for us. If you already use this carrier, or another one, please let us know what you think as well.

Please click on this link and LIKE the photo to help show us your support. It would mean heaps to us!

If you would like to enter the giveaway as well, click here.

Thanks so much, and we are very excited to announce our special news with you.