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Vegan Avocado Truffles


So simple, yet so satisfying

Truffles or sushi? I cannot decide. Whatever you choose to call them, they are simply amazing!

Cut an organic avocado in half, remove the stone, and scoop out some of the avocado into a bowl. Mash and then toss in small pieces of fresh mango, coriander, black sesame seeds, and fresh squeezed lime.

After scooping this amazing mixture back into the avocado, put the two halves back together, and peel off the skin.


We then chose to cover our avocado with small pistachio pieces and black sesame seeds.


Then, I sliced the avocado into pieces and added extra pistachios and filling on the side.



These were so delicious! The little vegans helped quickly devour these. I knew I should have made more! This was the perfect mix for us, but feel free to use any ingredients you have or what sounds best to you. I have had this idea saved to Pinterest and on the top of my “to make list” for a very long time. I cannot believe that we have finally made them, and I can guarantee it will not be the last. So many more organic raw vegan avocado truffles to come!

Fruit & Greens



Ever need more space in your kitchen? A cupcake plate stand is the perfect solution, and it even makes it more appealing to choose what you want to eat. We have been living off mostly what we can find in our kitchen or out in the garden. Unfortunately, we do not have a backyard full of fruit trees. We made a trip to the store and filled our trolley with fresh fruit as you can see. Yum! As some of the produce can be limited, we bought as much organic fruit as possible. We even found mangoes for under $3. With a much higher price tag, I could not resist buying at least 3 passionfruit. If you have been following me from the start or know me well, they are one of my favourite fruits. I was quite surprised to see them already coming into season, but at $39.99kg! Since our lovely lamb ate our other vine and our new one is still growing, I am uncertain if ours will even produce fruit this year. I hope that someone near me will kindly donate lots of passionfruit to us because I definitely cannot afford to keep buying this yummy fruit.

You might be wondering what the cauliflower photos are all about. It might seem a bit silly and really simple, but have you ever cut cauliflower in small pieces or tossed some in the food processor and mixed in hummus? If not, you should definitely try it. We love raw cauliflower and hummus, but this is just something a little bit different. Depending on the flavour hummus, there is a slight resemblance to Mac ‘n Cheese. Well, that might just be me. It has been a very long time since I had that, and I do not remember having it all that much, but I always seem to think of it when eating this. I usually use a spicy or capsicum hummus, but feel free to use any kind. Yum! Zaedyn likes to dip big pieces of raw cauliflower in hummus, but this is also a great alternative. If you have little ones and are worried about choking, you can process this a lot more than I did and then mix with hummus.

Another beautiful day in the sunshine! I heard Zaedyn and the lawnmower making their way down the steps as I grabbed our smoothie, and off he went. Lawnmowers seem to be one of the most important things in his life at the moment. He just loves them, and he will be the first to hear and tell you about them when a neighbour is mowing their lawn. Last weekend we bought a handmower which seems to be working really well and is much more eco-friendly than our other lawnmower. If only we could cover our entire yard with fruits and veggies! Even with the amount we eat, I am pretty sure I would have a lot to share seeing as we have a pretty big yard.

This is our third day of somewhat following the 40 Days of Smoothies e-book. As I have mentioned before, I never seem to follow recipes; not even my own. Why? Often I use what I have or prefer to use, and by the end I realise that I have actually changed or substituted a lot. However, I still am inspired by looking at a recipe. Anyways, if you have the e-book, my changes were cacao instead of cocoa powder, a mix of kale and spinach as we are running low on kale, LSA (linseed, sunflower, and almond) instead of flax meal, and some frozen banana instead of maple syrup. There was an extra addition of green today with avocado in our smoothie. Oh, and the photo on the right is just another little snack: avocado on organic sesame corn thins sprinkled with chia seeds for an extra boost.

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Vegan Vegg Burrito

The Vegg

Vegan breakfast style burrito with The Vegg scrambled tofu, potatoes, fresh salsa, & avocado.

Experimenting with the last bit of The Vegg, recreating a breakfast burrito we used to always eat after surfing.

Blend 2tsp of The Vegg with 1/2c almond milk and set aside.

Peel and cut a few potatoes into a variety of small pieces and boil to make them a bit softer.

Scramble up firm style tofu. After cooking for a bit, you can add a little bit of Olivani or dairy-free butter and continue to cook until you are happy with it. Then pour The Vegg mixture on top and continue to cook until you have scrambled Veggs.

Drain the water from the potatoes and mix in a little avocado oil. I started making my fresh salsa while cooking them in a pan. I basically just cut up up a tomato, some onion, red capsicum, and coriander.

To assemble the burrito, add the potatoes, Vegg scramble, fresh salsa, and avocado slices. You can use any vegan tortilla or wrap, mountain bread, or make it gluten-free. Yum! You can even add some vegan hot sauce or soyrizo. Endless additions to adjust the burrito just how you like it.

Anyone else tried The Vegg yet? Curious to see what others think of it.

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Useful Avocado Tip


Avocados have endless benefits and are absolutely amazing! There are so many delicious ways to enjoy them simply as they are in their raw state, tossed in a salad, added to a smoothie, mixed in a dip, used as a spread, used in baking and uncooking desserts, etc. We really should have grown our own avocado tree when we first thought about it because we use them for everything. Especially since it is one of Zaedyn’s favourite foods, and it is packed with nutritional benefits.

For little ones, there can be challenging points when it comes to meal times. As a parent, you want to help them, but you also want them to be individuals. Avocados are extremely helpful when it comes to helping your child learn independence skills when eating, and also leaves less of a mess and wasted food on your floor. This was a super quick dinner, and I would normally add lots more. Possibly not the healthiest, but Zaedyn was hungry so I quickly put this together. He has not had rice in awhile so he was pretty excited and ate all of the rice first. You could easily add more veggies and lentils or come up with something more creative than this. However, how was avocado useful besides its many health benefits?


If I make something like rice or quinoa, avocados are the perfect solution to keep it all together. I have always found it hard for Zaedyn to keep it on the spoon when trying to feed himself. There was a time as well when I thought he simply did not like rice and it would all come back out. Maybe this has something to do with loving avocado, but if you are in need of a way to add more nutrients and healthy fats plus help you and your little ones with frustration to learn to feed themselves, try adding avocado! Let me know about your experiences.

Even if they decide to use their hands, the avocado makes it stick together and is easier for them to pick up and eat. If you want to let them eat and help them as well, try using two spoons. Zaedyn ends up using both spoons to help himself. From the very start we tried to incorporate baby led weaning and have allowed him to use utensils or given him whole foods in the early stages. There are huge learning opportunities when it comes to meal times, and he definitely enjoys eating because he can feed himself.

Oh, and you don’t have to be little to try this. The avocado makes it taste really yummy! With lots of raw veggies added, this is also a great mix for a wrap.



*Tip: Use avocado to bind food together, adding lots of nutrients and making it easier for your child to feed themselves.

Smoothie a Day ~ November



Smoothies are full of goodness! They are packed with lots of nutrients. Fruit, Veggies, and superfoods: there are endless ways to make a different smoothie every day. This actually made it extremely hard in choosing only 30 ideas, but I tried to choose a variety as well as a few that I know will be a bit more challenging. I also tried not to use too many ingredients that not everyone stocks in their pantry, but with only one ingredient listed you can feel free to get creative. I am going to be creating smoothies that I have never made before, and I look forward to seeing everyone else’s creativity.

If you are following us on Pinterest, there is a new Smoothies board which I will be adding lots of pins to as I come across them. I will post this photo so that you can re-pin. Please like and share this photo on Facebook as well so that as many people as possible can be involved in creating and drinking smoothies this month. Each day we welcome any way you wish to contribute whether it is a photo, recipe, or your thoughts. If you post a photo on our wall, you can re-share on your own. Thanks for all of your support, and I look forward to all of the smoothie bliss in November.

Edamame Dip Sprinkled with Chia Seeds


Fresh parsley we picked from our garden ~1/4 cup for our dip & the rest for our rāpeti, Kai


Bag of already shelled edamame soybeans cooked (Mama San in NZ is 454g) & don’t forget to save the liquid to help blend everything together

edamame dip

1 TBLS Organic Miso, 1/4 cup fresh parsley, clove of garlic

Freshly Squeezed Lemon

2 TBLS freshly squeezed lemon

Edamame Dip

Add above ingredients to blender with 3/4 cup cooking liquid, small avocado, 2 TBLS avocado oil, 1tsp Organic Tahini, Himalayan Crystal Salt, & dash of pepper (chili *optional)



Edamame Dip on rice crackers & sprinkled with black chia seeds


Definitely recommend this dip. With a few modifications to the Pinterest Edamame dip, ours was a success. Zaedyn approved as you can see! Crackers or raw veggies hardly make it into his mouth when there is hummus or dip. He prefers to eat it with his hands or by the spoonful. He could not get enough of this yummy dip. Lucky the recipe makes quite a bit, otherwise there would not have been enough for me. After scooping out the rest from the blender, there is still heaps more for tomorrow. It is a lovely warm dip fresh out of the blender, but it tastes just as yummy when cold as well.

Modifications to original recipe:

~Our avocado was small so we used a whole one

~Avocado oil instead of olive oil

~1tsp Organic Tahini

~Himalayan Crystal Salt

~Chili spice instead of paste

~A bit more water

~Chia seeds instead of sesame

As we did not have any red chili paste, off to the store we went with our stylish organic hemp bag. Unfortunately we did not find any chili paste or chillies, but we managed to find a few other yummy things at the store. We decided to use both avocado and tahini as tahini would add a natural source of calcium. We did not have any black sesame seeds, but I figured that I already incorporated sesame seeds with the tahini so why not boost this yummy dip with more nutrition by sprinkling with chia seeds.

Chia seeds are nature’s complete superfood containing Omega 3 ALA, essential “good fat”, and dietary fibre.

Let me know if you make this yummy edamame dip. It is a great alternative to hummus and packed with natural superfoods. This recipe also allows for many changes of ingredients from what you can find in your garden or pantry. Enjoy!


*Original Recipe from Scaling Back. Thanks for the idea to make this dip 🙂

Avocado Corn Salsa


Chopped Avocado, Onion, Coriander (Cilantro), & Tomato

Mix coriander, onion, tomato, & organic corn

Add Avocado

     As a salad, wrap filling, infused with quinoa (keen-wa), salsa, as a base to add beans and other ingredients. There are endless possibilities of how to eat this fresh avocado corn salsa. At a work team building get together, I tried some sort of corn tomato salsa. I cannot exactly remember what was in it, but it tasted very fresh and yummy scooped onto rice crackers. Not too sure if I even needed the crackers as there was far more salsa piled on top. Since then, I have been thinking about making it, and somehow ended up with this mix that came together nicely. Chopped avocado, coriander (cilantro), onion, tomato, and organic corn. You can make it as simple or complicated as you like. I chose to add avocado as it is a very healthy fat full of goodness. Feel free to be creative and use ingredients from your kitchen or garden, and even keep it healthy and raw as is or wrapped inside some greens.

     Growing up in California, I grew to love salsa. Especially spicy salsa. Yes, I will admit that when I was little I was known for only taking the chips and dipping it into the salsa juice. I did get a few laughs from my family. Over time, I grew to love the veggies, too :). This salsa is a little bit sweeter with the corn, but it is a good variation nonetheless. In my wandering journey throughout the health food section at the supermarket, I found a few new products that I would not normally buy, but I was more curious than anything. Gluten-free, no preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours, and something called Crostini that resembles bruschetta. What is the difference? From what I can quickly gather, crostini is a smaller thinner version of bruschetta. Anyways, my curiosity of crostini and recreating a corn salsa led me to this…

Salsa Crostini

     Meanwhile, cheeky Zaedyn was hungry. I looked down to find him helping himself to my Nashi pear which was just about as big as him. There were a few moments of funny faces with uncertainty about the pear skin, but that did not stop him. He continued to sit there and munch away.