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Vegan & Eco-Friendly Giveaway


Wow! I am so excited about such a HUGE response from some awesome vegan and eco-friendly New Zealand businesses. I hope that all of you are supporting them already, but since some of them might be new to you, this is a great time to check out their websites and Facebook pages. They have all been extremely generous in offering some amazing products which you will have a chance to win!

Rather than do a bunch of separate giveaways, I thought it might be fun to combine everything together and run one big giveaway through Rafflecopter on my Facebook page in hopes to gain even more awareness. Please take the time to share the photo or giveaway links with friends as there are lots of opportunities to win. All of these companies are making a huge effort whether their focus is on helping to protect our environment or providing cruelty-free alternatives, and I think that we can all help make an impact by supporting these companies as well.

Below you will find the details, and throughout the giveaway I will write some individual posts to give you more insight and our personal thoughts about each. However, it will just give you more reasons to be excited as we love all of these businesses and have had such positive experiences 🙂

vegan giveaway

To enter, go to my Facebook page Giveaway tab, or use this link:
Here is the mobile-friendly link:

*This current giveaway is only open to NZ, but as soon as it is finished, I have 5 $20 vouchers from Veggie Grill. Yum! Wish we were in California to eat there!

Angel Food (Facebook, Twitter)& Cherub Dairy-Free (Facebook):  2 Angel Food Cheesey Sauce Mixes & 2 Cherub Dairy-Free Cream Cheese Alternative

NZ Vegan

BeBops (Facebook): 1 OSFA pocket cloth nappy & 1 baby amber teething necklace (your choice of colour/pattern from stock available)

Cloth Nappy

Ecostore (Facebook, Twitter): 1 cleaning pack with 1 500ml laundry liquid, 1 500ml dish liquid, 1 auto dish tabs, 1 spray cleaner, 1 toilet cleaner, 1 lemongrass soap, 1 bucket


ExtraFresh (Facebook): 4 winners for a 6 pack carton each giving you 365 days of freshness for a one vegetable drawer fridge


Go Bamboo (Facebook): 5 winners for a pack each including 1 adult toothbrush, 1 child toothbrush, 1 box of 20 clothes pegs, 1 box of cotton buds, 1 wax comb

Go Bamboo

Hemp Farm NZ Ltd (Facebook): 1 250ml Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Farm

Posh Puffs Gourmet Marshmallows (Facebook, Twitter): 2 winners for a box each of gourmet vegan marshmallows

Vegan Marshmallows

Wildflower Botanicals (Facebook): 1 Storybook Selection Pack

Organic Tea

Good luck with your entries, and please continue to support these awesome vegan and eco-friendly businesses. Keep following for more information about each business, and remember to leave your comments below on what you hope to win, what you have tried, or what you already love 🙂

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Top 25 Vegan & Vegetarian Moms 2013


I am so overwhelmed and grateful with the amount of support and interest in Arohanui Vegan Love. Thank you so much to all of you for dedicating your time as well to vote for us each day, many of you even sharing with others as well. I am so appreciative. With only one vote behind, I am thrilled to be #5 in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Vegetarian and Vegan Moms 2013. A huge congratulations to all of the other bloggers as well!

Being vegan isn’t always something that is easily accepted, never mind raising a vegan child. Through a vegan pregnancy, natural childbirth, breastfeeding, and a happy, healthy boy, we are pleased with how we have chosen to raise our child and the health and happiness in all our lives. I remember when I was pregnant and looking online for information about vegan pregnancy to not find much if any information. Now, just looking at all of the blogs entered, I am amazed at how many others are raising their children vegan. I am so happy to have found some awesome new blogs to follow and be inspired by others who follow a similar lifestyle.

I am also happy to see so many people following that are not vegan, but are gaining information, ideas, or recipes that are helpful to them. Being vegan is a lifestyle which involves every aspect of our life, and through Arohanui Vegan Love you get to see a small insight into what our life is like.

Thanks again for all your support, and I hope you continue to enjoy our posts and future things to come.

Top 25 Vegan & Vegetarian Moms 2013


Top 25 Vegan & Vegetarian Moms ~ 2013

I would love to be in the Top 25 as a Vegan Mum ;). It would really mean heaps if all of you following could share your support by voting for Arohanui Vegan Love. You can actually vote every 24 hours from the last time you voted if you want to, and voting ends on February 7th. All you have to do is click the Circle of Moms badge and then the orange thumbs up by Arohanui Vegan Love if you want to see us make the list. As we have been under pending approval, it looks like we have a bit of catching up to do.

It is a great way for others interested or following a similar lifestyle to connect, and looking through the other blogs involved, it is also a huge inspiration as we all have something to learn from one another. I am really excited to have found some other Vegan Mums out there. So many new recipes that I am sure we would love! Some of the blogs we already follow are on the list, too, so I have had some fun voting as well.

To read more about the Top 25 and to vote for us, please click on the Circle of Moms image above or on the right sidebar. We really appreciate your support and would love to see our blog make the list.

I will keep the Circle of Moms Top 25 Vote for Me badge on the right sidebar so you can also click there to easily vote until February 7th. A huge thank you to all of you…


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Kia ora,

Thanks to everyone who has been reading and following my blog and liked Arohanui Vegan Love on Facebook.

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Arohanui Vegan Love

The thought of a Facebook page had been on my mind from the start, and I was uncertain as to whether I would want or need one. Through feedback from others, the ease of Facebook in sharing, liking, and commenting prompted me to start a page. I will continue to post on my blog, but my page will allow for more interaction as well as connecting with others and sharing interesting content available.

Facebook is another platform that allows me to connect and reach my target audience. Without having much time to comment, post, or share my blog, I still received a 1,000 views within the first month. To me, these stats compelled me to keep writing and know that people out there were interested and inspired by what I had to share. Let the Children Play’s Page shared my blog post on A Different Kind of Water Wall, and my stats instantly almost doubled within a day. People from 44 different countries are reading my blog. Again, I was completely amazed. Yes, having completed a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising, I am very well aware of marketing and social media, but it is so powerful knowing that in some way I am inspiring others through my passions.

My aim is to be able to share what I know and find along the way, and I also hope to learn and grow from those of you supporting and challenging me. Thank you to those of you who have already liked my page, and I hope that others with similar passions or curiosity will also join. Although everything comes from a vegan perspective, you do not necessarily have to be vegan. Topics include early childhood & natural learning, gardening, photography, health & wellness, life, food, birth, travel, & all things vegan. For those who are part of companies that have eco-friendly or vegan products, please contact me to do product reviews or giveaways. I love finding useful, interesting, and yummy products that I will be able to share with others.

There is still so much that I want to share and many directions that I can see my blog and page going. My page is a work in progress. I have started to put some photos up in albums, but I still have heaps more to upload. I also intend to focus on travel in my blog as well. I will definitely backtrack a bit as we have been to many places that are well worth sharing. Please feel free to leave feedback, ask questions, or share any information as well. I look forward to seeing the development of both my blog and page and hope that you continue to be interested and inspired.