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Trick or Treat?



Okay so it isn’t quite Halloween yet, but between sorting through Zaedyn’s room and finding his lion costume to all of these chocolate recipes, it seems like Halloween! When looking online, everything seems to be about pumpkin and Halloween treats. Do you celebrate Halloween? It does not seem to be popular where we live, and I think it would be pretty hard to celebrate Halloween the typical way, but I could definitely see us being able to create our own vegan Halloween.

When thinking of something yummy we could make our friends, I instantly thought of vegan mocha-peanut fudge. Seeing as I know that people who are not vegan have enjoyed this chocolatey treat, I knew that I would be safe in making this. When ordering a few things online from Angel Food, I decided to order 2 cans of caramel condensed soya milk as there were a couple other recipes that looked yummy. Plus, I still have two cans of condensed soya milk to make some more vegan mocha-peanut fudge or something else yummy.

I made the mocha-peanut fudge and decided to make the caramel brownie. I replaced the flour for gluten-free flour which was not very successful. I was disappointed, but I didn’t have time to make anything else. I am not sure where I went wrong. Maybe the measurements of gluten-free flour were not quite right. I used a basic gluten-free flour mix rather than a baking mix which I normally use. As the recipe only calls for 1/2 cup caramel condensed soya milk, I still had another half. Through Pinterest, I ended up looking at recipes and through clicking on links, I stumbled across a photo of a caramel apple. Perfect! It is amazing how much time you can spend clicking on links which by the way I am still busy pinning, but I seem to be making progress.


Okay that might not have been what you were thinking, but slices dipped in caramel and peanuts seemed a lot better than a whole apple. If you are wanting to make raw caramel, you could also look at making your own with dates. Anyways, I still had heaps of caramel left though. What else could I try?

Mixed nuts, caramel, and covered in chocolate. I continually heard the fridge opening with chocolates disappearing as David loved them. David loves caramel so I was quite happy to make him some vegan caramel chocolates. Still with one can of caramel sweetened condensed soya milk, I decided that I would try the vegan caramel slice recipe from Angel Food. I used gluten-free flour which turned out great. After cooking the base, then the caramel, and covering with melted chocolate, this slice was a huge success! David absolutely loves it. For someone who is not that interested in caramel, surprisingly I loved it, too.

I know that it may seem like I am always busy baking, but this isn’t usual. Besides gluten-free recipes not always being successful, I have always tried to be a healthy vegan. It is absolutely possible to recreate almost any food as vegan, but I still think of these as treat foods, especially since I cannot resist eating it all.


Besides caramel, I could not forget the Peanut Butter cups. These were amazing. Before I covered them in chocolate, Zaedyn was eating the frozen coconut oil ABC peanut butter mix. I used ABC butter & Almond-Peanut Butter and was inspired by this raw peanut butter cup recipe. Yum!

If you could recreate a milk chocolate or candy as vegan, what would it be?