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“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” ~Anthony J. D’Angelo

What Do You Rock?


     What do you rock? We are loving Lavender Mint Revival. Rockin’ green has seven natural scents to choose from. We have experimented a bit with this eco friendly laundry detergent due to uncertainty about our water hardness, rockin’ a soak, and trying new scents. Natural ammonia bouncer, Funk Rock, to de-funk nappies is a must as well. I think Zaedyn’s nappies are about due for a good soak.

     With Cloth Nappy Week came sales, and this prompted me to try some new products. I bought some Shake it Up Pail freshener although I cannot say that I have really used it much. I guess I have been more excited about my next buy. Having looked at the air fresheners a few times previously, I can’t imagine being without our Melody Spray. If you do not already use this, you should consider buying some. Occasionally, I walk past the laundry room and quickly spray our Lavender Mint Revival whether it really needs it or not. Yes, an odour neutralizer that comes in natural yummy scents as well! Oh, and I almost forgot about our cool green magnetic laundry scoop which fascinates Zaedyn when he comes to help with the laundry. Rockin’ Green is a safe and eco friendly laundry detergent great for cloth nappies and so much more.

     So what are we rockin’ tonight? Lavender Mint Revival with Zaedyn’s new Speckled Frog nappy. Love getting fluffy mail! What a wonderful surprise from Brigitte tonight. Zaedyn was pretty excited walking around holding his nappy. Seeing as I love the colour green and cloth nappies, I was pretty excited as well. Another awesome nappy to add to Zaedyn’s growing stash. Thanks heaps, Brigitte!

     Oh, and something else to be excited about. Another incredible edible! Yum. We are going to have blueberries growing in our garden. What a beautiful plant. I cannot wait to be able to pick fresh blueberries with Zaedyn. I think that we really need to get our garden sorted now with all of these yummy new edibles waiting to be planted.  ~ Ready for sunshine ~

Incredible Edibles: Garden of Passionfruit


Passionfruit vines spreading across my fence in full bloom with heaps of fruit waiting to be eaten. Oh how I wish this was what my garden looked like! Instead, I have a decreasing bank account with passionfruit at $30 NZD or more per kg and a sad looking passionfruit vine surrounded by weeds in my garden. However, a new passionfruit plant was brought to work today for me from Tidy Gardens. I was unbelievably excited by this surprise. Not having had much success with my previous location of passionfruit, I have been determined to replant some in hope to have full vines of fruit to live off.

I had never tasted passionfruit before coming to New Zealand. I was a bit uncertain about this fruit as one of the first things I was told was that they tasted the best when they were wrinkled and yuck looking on the outside. Now I am fussy when it comes to fruit, and I am pretty good at examining what it looks like before eating it. Regardless, my curiosity urged me to try passionfruit and feijoa together for the first time a few years ago. I am not exactly sure of my first reaction to the taste as I was just excited to be trying something new. Since then, I seem to hunt out passionfruit before they are really coming into season and continue to find ones late in the season. At work the other girls were given chocolate bunnies for Easter. Instead, I received beautiful flowers in a kete with apples and yummy passionfruit. It is pretty safe to say that passionfruit is one of my favourite fruits alongside coconuts. Not to mention the awkward silence and loud crunching noises I make when chewing passionfruit seeds.

Passionfruit for Easter Prezzy

To think my day couldn’t get any better, Katrina is also going to bring in some Nasturtium seeds for me. I have had great intentions of growing edible flowers in the past, but have somehow never managed to fully develop my garden to incorporate these. How beautiful these are going to look on top of a salad, and yummy, too. I can’t wait to see what Zaedyn is going to think. He loves to go out in the garden and pick flowers to eat, edible or not. In time, we will have to teach him about wilderness survival and edibility, but for now he can grow up in a backyard full of edible flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Even the possibility of this awesome bean tipi.

At the moment, parsley seems to be the only thing growing. Lucky for our rabbit, Kai, who loves to eat parsley. I cannot wait for some sunny weather and time to spend tidying up our garden and planting my passionfruit along with some other incredible edibles. Look out for some future blog updates on my beautiful garden to be.

Zaedyn loves to eat passionfruit, too!