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Zaedyn Tai’s Yoga


Bright orange and rolled up, Zaedyn was keen to roll the yoga mat out last night. He seemed to like the texture and was all over the place rolling around smiling and making up his own moves.

This morning, we rolled the yoga mat back out and put on our Yoga Masters music. From Zaedyn’s bookshelf full of amazing books that he loves to read, we found Little Kiddy Yoga by Jahri Jah Jah.
Jahri Jah JahZaedyn was busy flipping through the book and learning all of his yoga poses.
YogaWith just a bit of help, he was so clever in beginning to learn poses. I do not have photos of everything, and I did not capture him almost perfecting poses as he wasn’t too impressed with me taking photos. Fair enough though!

He started out swinging his arms and centering with prayer.
YogaThen he stood tall like a tree and moved his fingers to his feet….well, almost.
Fingers to FeetCrocodile poses, cobra, mountain poses ~ Zaedyn was trying them all. One leg is bent in the photos below, but he did have both his legs out straight for the splits.
YogaThen, he put his feet together like a butterfly.
Yoga A couple more action shots…

At almost 18 months old, I am very impressed with Zaedyn’s yoga poses. When I was first pregnant with him, I was going to a Pilates class. He continued to wriggle around lots throughout my entire pregnancy. From birth, we have always encouraged stretching movements as he also initiates his own. He is very flexible. With his huge interest in the yoga mat, book, and body movement, I look forward to seeing his continued yoga practice. Over time, I am sure that we will both develop our flexibility, strength, coordination, and meditation. I will continue to model and help incorporate this powerful art for holistic health.

The book finishes by talking about Yogi food for children. I love how natural organic foods are being promoted for health and environmental awareness.

Made in Aotearoa, this local book provides a great basis for children to learn about yoga and basic poses. There are also many more books that can be found on Kiwi Kids Books by Jahri Jah Jah. We also own Little Kiddy Māori, Little Bub! & Kiwi Bub! which promote language and visual development. I have a couple other yoga pregnancy books as well as a Yoga for Surfers DVD that a friend gave me. Yoga really supports surfing on many levels. I look forward to our learning journey together.

Is yoga a part of you or your little one’s lives? Do you recommend any books or have any tips to share?

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