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Solti Tea Party


Solti now has a SuperTea Line made with pure, clean water, chlorine and fluoride free, no metals or chemicals!


The line up consists of two caffeine free teas: Rooibos Chai and Arctic Chaga. Jasmine Pearl contains 30mg caffeine, Ceremonial Matcha 34mg, and Dragon Oolong 60mg caffeine.

“Contrast to coffee which not only contains caffeine, acidity and low pH making for a burst of energy followed by a crash and contributing to acidosis, our organic tea combined with a higher pH purified water makes for a less acidic beverage. The tea containing caffeine will give you a boost without moving your body into acidosis. Pure energy in a bottle, giving you a boost with no crash and bringing you more vitality and hydration.” -Ryne O’Donnell, Founder & CEO of Solti


Could it be time for tea? It’s ALWAYS tea time! Zaedyn was a huge fan of the previous African Rooibos Chai Latte so it isn’t surprising that he reached straight for the Rooibos Chai, a perfect choice for the fall season.


Although I am all about these custom glass bottles with a hidden little surprise if you look at the bottom, we wanted to have a bit of fun with our little tea set.


Zaedyn showed beautiful coordination and concentration as he transferred our vital liquids, not spilling a drop.


It doesn’t get much better than this: learning at home with your Mama, having a private tea party taste testing the new Solti Teas while your sister sleeps, staying hydrating, and sneaking in a few little tea time raw vegan goodies!


Not even coming up for air…


That smile says it all :).

Drink Solti. Shine brightly.

Let Yourself Shine.

A Taste of the Future


Tea, re-imagined. Whole leaf tea, brewed, and crystallized.


In collaboration with the most experienced tea masters and tea farmers around the world, Pique Tea sources the top 5% of tea leaves in the world to bring you one of the healthiest beverages in an easy to prepare option wherever you are. By combining modern science and ancient tradition, their slow brew process allows you to receive this crystal form packed with fresh flavour and even more antioxidants.


“Tea crystals are the biggest innovation in tea since the invention of the teabag.” -Founder, Simon Cheng,

Yes, you may be having the same initial thoughts as I had when I was contacted to try out this new unique tea. Tea in a sachet? Why? The fact that they were organic gained my attention to look into these a bit more, and also simply for the curiosity of why and how you could put tea in a sachet. I love loose leaf tea. The process of brewing tea can be fun whether you are brewing a cup or a huge pot. I can, however, completely see the niche and positive reasons for why someone would want to drink crystallized tea. It is perfect every time, still allowing you to live your life to the fullest and on the go without missing out. Tea is health. Tea is life.

I have learned that this isn’t just another product trying to make it into the market with complete misunderstanding of what tea is all about. The founder, Simon Cheng, comes from a genuine place in loving tea and incorporating it into his healthy lifestyle as well as having a deep appreciation for ancient health. His drive created this new unique product that is actually real, sourced, and created on a deeper level and understanding. Pique Tea is spot on.

Available in 5 varieties of black and green teas ~ Pique Tea is all organic, pure, and delicious hot or cold. They have a sampler pack where you can enjoy them all, or choose your favourite from Sencha, Mint Sencha, Jasmine, Early Grey, or English Breakfast.

Quality Guaranteed! Pique even goes beyond to ensure quality by batch testing antioxidant levels and making sure that no heavy metals are present. When preparing my tea, I use reverse osmosis water so that I am not adding unnecessary and unwanted chemicals to this pure drink.


I have been drinking my tea sampler, experimenting with hot and cold tea, and I am impressed. My favourite has been sipping on cold brew Jasmine in a mason jar. If you are a tea drinker who loves real loose-leaf tea, don’t be afraid to give Pique a chance. For all you busy parents out there who may not have an extra hand or even an extra second to make tea, Pique is the perfect answer. It also minimizes the desire to turn towards unhealthy drinks when it is so easy to make a cuppa with their sachets. Throw some sachets in your bag, or pack them on the plane, and you will always have quick tea on hand.

I am always all about being sustainable and although this doesn’t completely fall into that category, I understand the reality of busy everyday lives in today’s world. Plus, you don’t have to drink the sachets every time you want to enjoy a cuppa. Mix it up. Sometimes brew from loose leaf, and sometimes grab a sachet on the go. Just know, you won’t be sacrificing taste if you reach for Pique. I love that it tastes like genuine tea. Yes, you can add sweetener if you like, but I love pure tea, no milk or sugar added.

As far as I have personally seen, most packaged or quick teas involve sugar, something that I am simply not into. Other products available on the market taste like processed products. Fortunately, Pique sachets really do taste like a good cup of tea, so go ahead and energize your body, mind, and soul by remembering that it’s always tea time! Replace other beverages with this magical tea, giving you a more natural caffeine boost and antioxidants.

You can purchase flavours individually, as part of a tea sampler, or you can even create the perfect tea plan for you. It really doesn’t get much simpler than this. You can have organic single serve sachets delivered straight to your door. Add in hot or cold water, stir, and enjoy!


Want to learn more and connect with Pique Tea? Follow this link!

Which flavour would you like to try?

Now onto the giveaway for those of you ready to experience Pique!

Follow their link, enter your email, and you are entered to win 2 cartons of Pique! Quick, you have until July 22.


*This tea was sent to me by Pique, however, my opinions are my own. I am collaborating with them to bring you this giveaway because I want you to try this amazing new innovative product.

Choose Glass, Drink Shakti



USDA Organic • Cold Pressed • Watermelon Juice

Raw • Vegan • No HPP • Unpasteurized


Life is better with surf & Shakti! ~ Protect what you love. Choose Glass.

Drink Shakti

Pure energy & love in a GLASS bottle ❤️

Support Local, Drink Shakti




Copono:Valuable App for All Kiwis


Vegan AppCopono’s mission: “to make conscious consumption simple.”

What is Copono?

As I mentioned in my last post, Copono is an app to track and rate vegan things in New Zealand. This will make life for Kiwis easier as you can scan barcodes of products to find out if they are vegan or not. 85 Kiwis are already using this app, but with your help they can share it with everyone in Aotearoa. There are 23 days left to reach their goal of $5000. Even a contribution of $10 will help them get closer to reaching their goal. Vegan or not, please consider contributing to this vegan campaign to help Copono assist you in not only buying vegan food, but also finding sustainable and ethical choices.

“Copono is quick.

Copono is simple.

Copono is easy.

Buy products that resonate with you.”


Why Vegans should support this app?

Copono will make your life easier. Taking out the time spent reading labels and researching online to find mixed answers, this app will quickly tell you if a product is vegan or not by simply scanning a barcode. Isn’t technology amazing? We also have to thank the Vegan Society of Aotearoa for creating the Vegan Big Book of Products and inspiring Copono to turn this into an app.

Being vegan for quite some time now, I do not particularly buy a lot of processed foods, and I buy at a lot of food from specialty stores where I seem to be aware of ingredients and ethical products. However, there are always new products being made or recipes that require new ingredients. At first, I thought that this app doesn’t really affect me, but actually it does and in an even bigger way than I realised. One reason this app could be helpful is the fact that my husband eats quite differently than me. Although he knows the basics of what is vegan or not, he often texts me asking about ingredients or additives. I know that this app would be great for him, and I know that I could use the app as well to find out products that he might like. I have also found myself looking at new products and reading labels for products to feed my son. If I want to make others vegan food or get asked whether or not certain products are vegan, I can easily let them know with this app. Plus, if you have friends or family who are not vegan and want to buy you something or make you a vegan meal, they can use this app to be certain that the products they buy you are vegan.

The bigger reason for supporting this app though is that even if you do not think you will use it, think about all of the others that will. Everyone is at a different point in their vegetarian, vegan curious, or vegan journey. Some have more knowledge of ingredients than others, some might have more knowledge about ethical companies, some might eat more processed foods than others, but we are all on our own journey to live a conscious lifestyle. By supporting Copono, you not only help yourself, but you are helping animals, the environment, and others with similar goals. It is bigger than just the app, but through it you are helping to support positive vegan ethics.

Why contribute even if you are not vegan?

Copono is more than finding vegan products. Whether you look into healthy options or need to avoid products due to allergies or intolerances, this app will be beneficial to you, too. You might simply need to avoid dairy or eggs, but why not use this app to take out the guessing and make shopping easier. At least you know that vegan products won’t contain either. Let’s face it. Reading labels can be tricky even if you have been doing it for a long time. Companies do not always want you to know the truth, and additives can easily change.

If you don’t think this app is useful for you, what about for your children, family, or friends. You may find yourself needing to embrace changes due to an allergy within the family, or you may find yourself needing to make a meal for someone who is vegan or has allergies or intolerances. This is the perfect app to help you in all of these situations.

Although you might not be completely vegan, you may be interested in supporting sustainable, ethical, and healthy buying. Although some products might have clear labeling, you may find yourself in the shop hesitating whether to support a certain product or brand. Why not leave it up to Copono. They have done all the hard work to simplify buying for you. If you support this app, you will have instant answers at your fingertips.

Finally, curious or not, you might just be in the Christmas spirit and find yourself willing to make a contribution to something that will help a lot of people and support others who truly care about the environment.


Beta User Test Flight

Beyond New Zealand?

Even if you find yourself across the world, imagine how Copono could help you when you come for a holiday in New Zealand. Not being familiar with products, brands, or food additive numbers, the last thing you want to be doing on your holiday is standing in the supermarket reading the back of every label. This app extends beyond the use of just Kiwis.

Check out the campaign to contribute to Copono Vegan for Kiwis. 

$10 Contributor, $10 Idea Lover, $30 Early Bird, $60 Auckland Champion, $60 Wellington Champion, $100 Eternal Bliss, $1,000 Transcendental

A virtual high-five, getting Copono early, enjoying a vegan dinner, becoming a lifetime member, or joining the team retreat and future, there’s perks for all contributions. With 2,000+ members in the Vegan Society of Aotearoa, even a $10 contribution from everyone would surpass the $5,000 goal. I will put a link up on my page and there are a few of the campaign already being shared around so please take a second to re-share on your own wall. The power of social media is huge, and together we can help support Copono’s 12 month effort by simply taking a second to contribute and share with others.

Who is bringing this app to reality for your convenience? Meet the Copono Team.


Where can you find out more about Copono?

Most importantly, the current campaign: Copono Vegan for Kiwis

Copono website

Copono on Facebook

Copono on Twitter

I want to see Copono succeed…

Will You Support Sustainable Living?

Zaedyn Tai’s Yoga


Bright orange and rolled up, Zaedyn was keen to roll the yoga mat out last night. He seemed to like the texture and was all over the place rolling around smiling and making up his own moves.

This morning, we rolled the yoga mat back out and put on our Yoga Masters music. From Zaedyn’s bookshelf full of amazing books that he loves to read, we found Little Kiddy Yoga by Jahri Jah Jah.
Jahri Jah JahZaedyn was busy flipping through the book and learning all of his yoga poses.
YogaWith just a bit of help, he was so clever in beginning to learn poses. I do not have photos of everything, and I did not capture him almost perfecting poses as he wasn’t too impressed with me taking photos. Fair enough though!

He started out swinging his arms and centering with prayer.
YogaThen he stood tall like a tree and moved his fingers to his feet….well, almost.
Fingers to FeetCrocodile poses, cobra, mountain poses ~ Zaedyn was trying them all. One leg is bent in the photos below, but he did have both his legs out straight for the splits.
YogaThen, he put his feet together like a butterfly.
Yoga A couple more action shots…

At almost 18 months old, I am very impressed with Zaedyn’s yoga poses. When I was first pregnant with him, I was going to a Pilates class. He continued to wriggle around lots throughout my entire pregnancy. From birth, we have always encouraged stretching movements as he also initiates his own. He is very flexible. With his huge interest in the yoga mat, book, and body movement, I look forward to seeing his continued yoga practice. Over time, I am sure that we will both develop our flexibility, strength, coordination, and meditation. I will continue to model and help incorporate this powerful art for holistic health.

The book finishes by talking about Yogi food for children. I love how natural organic foods are being promoted for health and environmental awareness.

Made in Aotearoa, this local book provides a great basis for children to learn about yoga and basic poses. There are also many more books that can be found on Kiwi Kids Books by Jahri Jah Jah. We also own Little Kiddy Māori, Little Bub! & Kiwi Bub! which promote language and visual development. I have a couple other yoga pregnancy books as well as a Yoga for Surfers DVD that a friend gave me. Yoga really supports surfing on many levels. I look forward to our learning journey together.

Is yoga a part of you or your little one’s lives? Do you recommend any books or have any tips to share?

From Arnica to Vegan Chili



Our little lamb has been limping the last few days, and unfortunately he seems to be putting less and less pressure down. I brought him inside last night, and he ended up cuddling in and falling asleep. He is just too cute!

I am sure you are wondering where the black toe comes in. We do not usually eat anything from a can, but I had bought a few varieties of Ceres Organic beans to make our vegan chili. Zaedyn was trying to help me cook. He picked up a can to bring over to me, but instead he dropped it on his toe. He is usually pretty tough when it comes to getting hurt, but I could tell something was really wrong by the sound of his cry. Ouch! His big toe looked pretty sore. I gave him cuddles, and David went and grabbed the Arnica. With a couple sprays, he managed to return back to his cheeky happy self, but throughout the night he seemed to hit it or put pressure causing him to get a bit upset again. So now I have two little guys limping. Maybe Zaedyn just wanted to be like his lamb? Luckily both of them seem to be a bit better now.

Although I did not get any more help in the kitchen after all of the commotion, I still managed to finish making our yummy vegan chili which Zaedyn and David both happily enjoyed with some organic corn tortilla chips. Yum!

Garlic, Onion, Celery, & Green Capsicum


Colloidal Plant Minerals & Ginger Tea



I miss my Colloidal Plant Minerals! It is amazing how many things I try and love, but then are somehow forgotten for a period of time. I have been thinking about how much I enjoy fresh water with a few drops of colloidal plant minerals and really need to order some more.

Looking back on the amount I learned and still use today, the Natural Day Detox Spa was very beneficial for me. After that day, I began to love colloidal silver, spirulina, ginger tea, and hummus. I cannot imagine life without these things. I am very keen to go back and spend a day there again. Here are some of the benefits of Colloidal Plant Minerals from Kiwikitz:

-Minerals are the key to life.

-Minerals are the message carriers.

-Minerals are the muscle toners.

-Minerals govern the alkaline/acid balance of the body and hormone production.

-Minerals are the catalyst for vitamins and enzymes to do their work.

-Minerals have a role to play in a multitude of physiological and biochemical processes needed to maintain health.

Buy Kiwikitz Colloidal Plant Minerals, Organic Derived 65 Bio-Available Macro & Trace Minerals, for your supply of 7 essential macronutrients including calcium and magnesium as well as essential micronutrients including selenium. At $25 for 250ml and $50 for 500ml, they are well worth your money and seem to last awhile as you use 1-6 tsp daily.

Besides drinking water with colloidal plant minerals, we started our day at the spa with hot ginger tea. Now I love fresh ginger tea. I would have never thought to make it before. I must say that I personally prefer just ginger, but adding lemon is a nice variation and especially helpful as a natural remedy during these changes in weather. There are so many health benefits to ginger and lemon ginger tea as well such as: nausea prevention or easing nausea, boosting immunity, warming effect on your body, neutralising your stomach and aiding with digestion, boosting metabolism, easing migraines, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and so much more. There are huge benefits, & I find it enjoyable to drink. Even if you are a bit hesitant, I recommend that you try it. You can vary your infusing time depending on how strong you would like your tea.


Fresh Ginger & Lemon


Infusing Lemon & Ginger


Lemon & Ginger Tea

Detoxify, Re-mineralize, Energise


Lotus Himalayan Crystal Salt ~ contains 84 of the 94 elements on the periodic table

“Lotus Himalayan Crystal Salt is a totally natural, organic and unrefined Salt, with amazing detoxifying & energizing properties through its primal light & crystalline minerals – It is a delicious healthy seasoning for your food, add to your drinking water as a mineral electrolyte tonic, an ideal for a mineral salt bath or spa, or it has many other uses which you can find by visiting our web site. We believe this is the purest and most essential element on Earth for humans, a 250 million year old miracle of nature, now brought to your home by Lotus Magik World”

Sole ~ Leave crystal rock in fresh water for at least an hour

Sole is a Himalayan Crystal Salt-water solution that “creates pH balance in the body by replenishing electrolytes, improving the body’s conductivity, and stimulating circulation” ~I Am Grateful:Recipes & Lifestyle of Cafe Gratitude by Terces Engelhart with Orchid. You can drink sole as a detox or add to your drink bottle for energy and minerals throughout the day.


Add 2 Tablespoons Sole, 2 Tablespoons lemon juice, & 2 Tablespoons Agave Nectar to 12 oz fresh water. Fill to 16 oz with frozen strawberries & blend.

I have not made this in a very long time, but I have been thinking about it through researching ways to use my fresh mint and coming across some yummy looking virgin mojitos which I have yet to make. The original recipe I Am Sassy Virgin Margarita comes from I Am Grateful:Recipes & Lifestyle of Cafe Gratitude by Terces Engelhart with Orchid, but as I didn’t have any ice in the freezer, I adjusted the recipe adding frozen strawberries instead.

*Water can be substituted with watermelon or cucumber juice, ice instead of frozen strawberries, other frozen fruit, or anything else you desire.

Pour & add fresh mint leaves for a yummy raw vegan virgin strawberry margarita

I highly recommend placing Himalayan Crystal Salt under running water to your bath for overall wellness and detoxification. Lotus recommends this to provide relief for eczema, psoriasis, rashes, bites, sprains, strains, and as a saline wound wash, remembering to drink plenty of water before and after. I used to love making Himalayan Crystal Salt Baths just because, but I also found it very relaxing after Zaedyn’s birth. I loved having that time to go and soak in the bath and know how amazing it was for my body. From food to baths to margaritas ~ what a wonderful product to stock in your pantry. No wonder Himalayan Crystal Salt is thought to be mother nature’s true electrolyte and an amazing 250 million year old miracle of nature.

All Things Coconut


     Besides fresh coconuts and coconut water, here are a few more coconut options to stock in your pantry. The uses for coconuts are endless!

     Being vegan does not mean that I do not eat chocolate. I love chocolate & sometimes make my own raw chocolate with raw cacao powder, coconut butter, & agave. Keeping Loving Earth Coconut Chocolate Butter on hand is yummy, too. Plus, you get to enjoy the benefits of both coconut and cacao.

Chantal Organics Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Artisana 100% Organic Raw Coconut Butter

Zenian Organic Creamed Coconut

Loving Earth Raw Organic Coconut Chocolate Butter