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Charlie Banana Swimmer Giveaway *CLOSED*


Charlie Banana Swim Nappy Size Small, 5-7kg, colour of your choice

If you win, which colour would you choose?

Check out the Giveaways tab on Facebook for more information on how to enter, & make sure to comment below with your favourite colour. It would be awesome if you could also share with others that might be interested.

Why do we love Charlie Banana Swimmers?

They are so absorbent unlike most swim nappies because they are a 2-in-1 swim diaper and training paints. The lining is 100% organically grown cotton with a waterproof outer layer. Besides wasting money on disposable swim nappies that will end up in landfill, Zaedyn gets to wear a stylish swim nappy that is eco-friendly, does not contain chemicals, and it is absorbent without becoming bulky.

We want to share some cloth love with you so please enter for your chance to win one of these super cute reusable swim nappies.

This is an amazing product that I do not know what we would do without. We love the beach, and we are so excited for summer! See Zaedyn’s one in use below…


If you own Charlie Banana swimmers, let us know what you think of them.

*Terms & Conditions ~ This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability. This giveaway is not sponsored by Charlie Banana. Only open to New Zealand. The winner will be contacted by email 48 hours after the giveaway ends. If you have any additional questions – feel free to send us a message!

Fluffy Mail! +Giveaway

fluffy mail

Zaedyn opens his fluffy mail & checks out his new bitti tutto!

itti bitti
itti bitti

How exciting! We received fluffy mail today from The Nappy Lady. Such an awesome print to add to Zaedyn’s nappy stash. I just love it. It is a super soft minky fabric, and of course we love giraffes. We received our first bitti d’lish from the Nappy Lady, and now we get to try our first bitti tutto. You can definitely expect a review on both for how they work for us. The nappy has been through the wash already. I can’t wait to see what it looks like on. I used to think that they were overwhelming with all of the snaps and inserts, but they are actually pretty easy. The snaps are even colour coordinated!

So, another huge thank you and shout out to The Nappy Lady. Make sure to follow her page as well as Cloth Nappy Week because there are lots of exciting events that you will not want to miss for those in New Zealand.

Now for an exciting announcement. We would love to share some cloth love with you since we appreciate everyone following us and liking our Facebook page. With summer coming and since we love the beach, we would love to give someone a Charlie Banana Swim Diaper (Swim Nappy) size Small 11-18lbs, 5-7kg, colour of your choice, in an upcoming giveaway.

Is anyone else excited about this? The lining is 100% organically grown cotton with a waterproof outer layer. These are actually absorbent compared to most swim nappies. Plus, this is heaps better than using a disposable swim nappy to go to landfill, and I think that they are super cute. I know that this giveaway might not apply to all of our followers, but hopefully there will be something of interest to you in the future. We also welcome new likes that will continue to follow us so feel free to share our page on yours or with others that you think might be interested. Make sure to click on Add to Interests and watch out for our upcoming giveaway.

If you win, which colour would you choose?

Our Charlie Banana Giveaway

cloth swimmers

Charlie Banana Swim Diaper (Swim Nappy) size Small 11-18lbs, 5-7kg, colour of your choice

Cloth Shot a Day ~ October




#1 Stash


#2 Change


#3 Green


#4 Wash


#5 Favourite


#6 Boost


#7 Change Station


#8 Dry


#9 Out & About


#10 Night


#11 First


#12 Red


#13 Save


#14 Modern


#15 Traditional


#16 Convenience


#17 Yellow


#18 Wipe


#19 Closure


#20 Size


#21 Now


#22 Easy


#23 Care


#24 Bag


#25 Stylish


#26 Practical


#27 Clean


#28 Choice


#29 White


#30 Gift


#31 Fun

Thanks to Jacquie from Cheeky Cherubs who shared the photo of Cloth Shot a Day ~ October. I expected a lot more people to post photos and wasn’t sure whether or not to keep posting mine every day or not, but I did. We love cloth nappies and like to support them in any way possible. Although I have never bought anything from Cheeky Cherubs yet, they were a huge sponsor during Cloth Nappy Week 2012. I can just imagine how many Mums were excited to receive some items for their babies. Oh, and a close friend of mine from Gisborne ended up getting a few things while she was visiting over there and was quite impressed with the huge range of items so be sure to check out Cheeky Cherubs for all sorts for your babies and toddlers.



Zaedyn was super excited about trying his new BeBops nappy we received from the Nappy Lady!

As a OSFA nappy, this fits from birth to 17kg+. With a bit of adjusting snaps at the front, the BeBops nappy fits perfectly.


As previously mentioned in CLOTH vs. Disposables, I love the idea of using a combination of inserts. BeBops uses 2 layers of microfibre and 2 layers of bamboo fleece with a very clever snap to keep them together. As a combination, these fabrics work together to create high absorbency and help prevent leaking. I did not keep track how long Zaedyn had the nappy on, but with a big sleep in between as well, he wore this nappy for quite awhile with no leaks at all.

When I took it off, the microfleece lining which sits against his skin felt dry which is exactly what I would expect. It was great to find that wees were not sitting against him. Then I pulled the inserts out and was quite surprised. Both inserts were saturated, however there were no leaks and the lining stayed dry. I only washed it once as well before our first use. What a fantastic nappy!

I am very impressed with how this nappy worked for us, and I hope that you will check out the BeBops website for a more detailed description of their one size pocket nappies to see if they might suit your needs. They also have other products including Rockin’ Green which is currently on sale. If you are following BeBops on Facebook, you will be able to keep up with current sales. Plus, there are variety of posts about yummy gluten-free, dairy, and vegan food at the moment due to Tash’s elimination trial for her breastfed baby.

As I was about to post this earlier, I came across a very cool video on How to use BeBops One Size Pocket Nappies which tells you pretty much everything you need to know! After watching it, I learned that I should be folding up the bottom of the inserts a bit as we have the nappy set on Medium at the moment. Thanks to the Nappy Lady and BeBops for this opportunity to try a very effective NZ made nappy.

CLOTH vs. Disposables


On Friday, my friend Ieva and I attended one of The Nappy Lady Workshops held in Hamilton. It was like the excitement of cloth nappy week all over again. I left the workshop feeling so inspired and loving cloth nappies even more which I didn’t think was possible.

As part of the Council Nappy Scheme, The Nappy Lady first discussed the environmental impact of disposables. It was really fascinating to hear figures about the average nappies used a year ending up in landfill. The numbers are unbelievable. As a family, we are very conscious of the products we buy, but there are still definitely things that we can continue to be mindful of so that we are not producing a lot of waste to go to landfill. As a society, we are taking up the limited space we have by filling it with unnecessary products and packaging. I am going to challenge myself even more to make a conscious effort of what I buy. Yes, eco-friendly products are often more expensive, but you also end up paying more to get rid of all of your rubbish that cannot be recycled or composted. When I go shopping, I automatically look for eco-friendly and vegan products, not at the price. The more people begin using products, the cheaper they will become. It is amazing how many eco-friendly products are available now, and there are always better choices to make, or even reusing and composting everything yourself when possible.

Something that I already knew, but not everyone realises is that even the poos in disposables are supposed to be discarded. How many people take the nappy off and quickly discard it in the rubbish still with poos? Everyone that I know! So if you were to actually follow the directions on the packaging of disposable nappies, you might as well be using cloth. What I hadn’t completely realised was the fact that biodegradable nappies are not necessarily any better for the environment as they cannot break down in an airtight landfill. So as far as the environment is concerned, cloth nappies definitely win over disposables.

Look at the two new awesome modern cloth nappies we received in our pack from attending the workshop.
Nappy Lady

We mostly use pocket nappies so I am really excited to try out our new itti bitti all in one. I love the colour! Cloth nappies are definitely more stylish than disposables. BeBops are made with love in New Zealand. I think it is important to support local companies, and it looks like a great nappy. I also love the combination fabric insert.

Have you ever wondered about what fabric insert is best? Cotton, bamboo, hemp, or microfiber? Kate Meads, The Nappy Lady, explained the properties of fabrics in a way that made a lot of sense and why I am pretty sure a combination of inserts such as microfibre to retain a higher quantity of wees along with a natural fiber such as bamboo for its anti-bacterial and soft properties as well as keeping the wees in would be very effective.

Another interesting idea was the fact that often people have problems with pocket nappies leaking around the leg and that we sometimes think adding more inserts will solve this when in fact it makes it worse. With a pocket nappy, the more inserts you add, the bigger gap you create making the ability to leak increase. I remember when we went through a period of time where Zaedyn’s nappies leaked, and we did not really know how to solve the problem. Especially since we were only using two inserts. Another option could have been to try 1 insert, use smaller nappies, try a different style, or just pop on a waterproof outer. The main type of nappies are fitted, pocket, all in one, birth to potty, and pre-fold. Do you notice the difference between the two types of nappies in the photo below?

cloth nappies

The itti bitti is an all in one because the insert is still attached. The snaps underneath allow you to easily add more inserts when needed. The BeBops nappy is a pocket nappy because the inserts go inside and can be pulled completely apart. It also has lots of snaps on the front to adjust sizing and get a perfect fit.

It is often easy to not know who to ask or how to solve problems such as these when they come up, but there are actually a lot of simple solutions. If you haven’t already, I suggest that you visit The Nappy Lady website as pretty much everything you need to know is explained. If you have the chance to attend a workshop, I highly recommend going. You will gain so much information and walk away with cloth nappies to try. Feel free to ask me anything as well as I will do my best to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Our pack also included other samples and lots of deals to use on products. One sample that I was really excited to find was a small bag of SoapNuts. A few years ago, I bought SoapNuts from Huckleberry Farms to use with our regular washing. I had even looked up their website and found out that you could plant your own tree. We had considered this, but at the time we were uncertain of where we were going to be and whether it would be worth planting as we would not benefit until almost 10 years later. As some of you may have seen on our Facebook page earlier, SoapNuts are fruit that grow on trees and are environmentally friendly and effective as a sustainable cleaning product. They can be used in the washing machine, dishwasher, or even as a liquid soap for a lot of household purposes. As they are not sold where we live, I had forgotten how useful these little nuts are, and I am really excited to try them again. These few SoapNuts will wash up to 4 loads of laundry! Isn’t that amazing?


This has ended up a very long post, and I could really go on and on about cloth nappies for a very long time so I think I will leave it at that for now. There are heaps of brands of cloth nappies as well as styles and choices to make, but every nappy will be a favourite to someone. We all have different preferences for why we like certain nappies or what might suit our babies the best.

Also, if you noticed a photo go up about wooden toys last night on Facebook, I am starting an album to promote natural, sustainable toys. Feel free to add or share information. I will get onto organising that album as well as a few other new exciting albums that I have been waiting to put up. Thanks for following along, and I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read this site, Pinterest, and Facebook as well as like or comment on posts. Thanks heaps! x

In case you missed the poll when I first started this site, please take a second to go back to my post about The Nappy Lady and let me know how often your bub is or will be in cloth nappies. Just out of curiosity as well, please  answer below the answer that suits the best 🙂

Charlie Banana


     “Sale items REDUCED AGAIN!!  As we are overstocked in small swimmers we need to clear I have reduced ALL prices again!” reads Tweedle Limited’s Facebook Page. Now at only $8 NZD, these Charlie Banana 2 in 1 Swimmer & Training Pants are a great deal. With summer not too far away, I couldn’t resist buying a few for Zaedyn and possibly some as prezzies. It was hard to decide on sizes, but knowing that Zaedyn has a small bum, I am glad that we bought mostly Medium. I am sure that he will grow into them a bit more before summer. Can’t wait to try them out at the beach.

     In our original hunt for nappies before Zaedyn was born, we had bought some Charlie Banana nappies from Fishpond only to be told that they were out of stock and would not be available. I am excited now to at least try some swimmers out. The lining is even 100% organically grown cotton and the outer layer is waterproof. Most swimmers are not actually absorbent, but the Charlie Banana swimmers are very well designed as well as eco-friendly. The bright colours originally attracted me to this brand. For those of you who know me will know that I love green, and Zaedyn’s new bright green Charlie Banana swimmer is by far my favourite. Look how cute he looks modeling it and pretending to surf on his Indo Board.

Don’t forget to check out Tweedle‘s website for great deals on Charlie Banana swimmers, cloth nappies, leg huggers, and more. We have always had great service from Tweedle, and the products are shipped out and arrive the following day. We are almost out of Rockin’ Green so we decided to add some to our order and try out Earth, Wind, and Orchids. Although I seem to be spending lots of money at the moment, I am impressed with all of the good deals and products that I keep finding. Continue to follow along as I will keep you posted with a few more items that will be coming our way.

Wet Bags for Sale


Dinosaur with white zipper & two turquoise wet bags still available $10 each

     Wet bag: a waterproof bag made of PUL to store used cloth nappies, wipes, swimsuits, wet/dirty clothes, and anything else you can think of. The possibilities seem endless! They are a great eco-friendly and stylish alternative to plastic bags. Not only that, have you ever put everything in a plastic bag only to notice later that everything has leaked because there was a hole in it? Plastic bags very often have a hole or even holes in them, but you wouldn’t have to worry about that if you owned a wet bag. Or, are you one those parents who feels the need to carry your big heavy bucket around wherever you go, and even filling it with water and powder to soak? Besides not recommending soaking your nappies until they are ready for a wash, the invention of wet bags now saves you from the hassle of carrying around an unnecessary large bucket.

     Zaedyn has a variety of different wet bags in all sizes used for his cloth nappies and cloth wipes as well as for clothes or swimmers. We have found that we prefer a zipper over a drawstring as they hold in smells better :). If you have any concern, however, Rockin’ Green sells a Shake It Up! Pail Freshener that can be sprinkled in your wet bag to keep away any unwanted smells. Size preference depends on what exactly you are wanting to use the wet bag for and for how long. We have a couple very small bags that are great for shorter outings when we know that we will only need it for a few nappies. When you get home, you can toss it in your dry bucket to be washed along with your cloth nappies.

     The two monster and dinosaur with turquoise zipper bags have sold, but the other three small wet bags are still available for only $10. Shipping can be arranged. Please comment if you are interested or have any questions. I still intend to make a few more, but these are all that I have in stock at the moment and am uncertain as to when all of my new projects will begin. Will keep you posted as to when I put all of my eco-friendly ideas into creating new items.

     If these don’t suit what you are looking for, have a look around online as there are lots to choose from at a variety of prices. As with cloth nappies, feel free to start your own project and be creative in making your bub a wet bag. They are not solely for cloth nappy users. With so many practical uses, wet bags are a necessity, in my opinion, to have on hand for your little one.

What Do You Rock?


     What do you rock? We are loving Lavender Mint Revival. Rockin’ green has seven natural scents to choose from. We have experimented a bit with this eco friendly laundry detergent due to uncertainty about our water hardness, rockin’ a soak, and trying new scents. Natural ammonia bouncer, Funk Rock, to de-funk nappies is a must as well. I think Zaedyn’s nappies are about due for a good soak.

     With Cloth Nappy Week came sales, and this prompted me to try some new products. I bought some Shake it Up Pail freshener although I cannot say that I have really used it much. I guess I have been more excited about my next buy. Having looked at the air fresheners a few times previously, I can’t imagine being without our Melody Spray. If you do not already use this, you should consider buying some. Occasionally, I walk past the laundry room and quickly spray our Lavender Mint Revival whether it really needs it or not. Yes, an odour neutralizer that comes in natural yummy scents as well! Oh, and I almost forgot about our cool green magnetic laundry scoop which fascinates Zaedyn when he comes to help with the laundry. Rockin’ Green is a safe and eco friendly laundry detergent great for cloth nappies and so much more.

     So what are we rockin’ tonight? Lavender Mint Revival with Zaedyn’s new Speckled Frog nappy. Love getting fluffy mail! What a wonderful surprise from Brigitte tonight. Zaedyn was pretty excited walking around holding his nappy. Seeing as I love the colour green and cloth nappies, I was pretty excited as well. Another awesome nappy to add to Zaedyn’s growing stash. Thanks heaps, Brigitte!

     Oh, and something else to be excited about. Another incredible edible! Yum. We are going to have blueberries growing in our garden. What a beautiful plant. I cannot wait to be able to pick fresh blueberries with Zaedyn. I think that we really need to get our garden sorted now with all of these yummy new edibles waiting to be planted.  ~ Ready for sunshine ~

Zaedyn Tai’s Nappy Stash



Honey Child, Snappies, Cinnamon, & Bum Cheeks…Zaedyn wears them all! This only shows part of Zaedyn’s stash. He also owns a Punga Tails, Ones & Twos, and more of both Honey Child and Snappies Nappies. How did we end up with so many? ….

Well, on our search to find the perfect cloth nappy before Zaedyn was born, I was overwhelmed with the amount of options. I did not want to make the wrong choice. People seemed to claim that they tried cloth nappies on their baby, but that they just didn’t work and changed to disposables. Ultimately, I don’t know if you can completely make the wrong choice, but I wanted to make sure we bought quality nappies that would suit our baby.

I wanted to look for a pocket nappy with snaps and adjustability around the legs. Price was not necessarily a factor as I wanted the best cloth nappy for our bubz. There were only a couple of options in stores, and I was hesitant to purchase online as I was not familiar with any brands. Somehow through my search, I stumbled across Honey Child Nappies made by clever Kiwis. I said before that price was not necessarily a factor, although I did hesitate a bit seeing how much these ones cost. However, the more I found out about them, the more I knew that they were the ones that I wanted. Of course I would choose the expensive ones!

Nurtured carried them in stock so I was able to see them in the shop and be even more convinced that they were the ones. My husband and I walked out of the store with the Honey Child Complete Nappy System including: 24 nappy outers (12 Infant & 12 Toddler), 14 nappy inserts, 4 booster pads, and 1 nappy tote bag for $799.95 NZD. Considering that these would last us through to toilet training, this wasn’t a huge cost compared to what you might end up paying for disposables. Now our concern was whether or not to buy newborn cloth nappies. The Infant size range was 5-10 kg/11-22 lbs while the Newborn was 2-6 kg/5-13 lbs and they only came as a part-time nappy system with 6 nappy outers, 6 nappy inserts, and 2 booster pads. How big will bubz be? 6 nappies would not get us through a day, but if we bought 2 packs would baby even use them long enough to be worth it? Most people were telling me to start cloth nappies at about 6 weeks, however, if I was worried about the chemicals in disposables, why would I not want to start using cloth at the start when their skin is even more sensitive. In the end, we ended up with 12 Newborn, 12 Infant, and 12 Toddler Honey Child Nappies. The only downside was that they only came in a few colours and the newborn was limited to white, but the quality was well worth it. We were so excited to fold them and stack them up ready to go.

With a close fit around Zaedyn’s little legs, the Honey Child nappies were perfect. We loved them! They were very easy to use and wash, and Zaedyn looked pretty cute in them. However, with only 12 fitting at a time and starting back at work, I sometimes felt like I needed a few more. To buy Honey Child separately, they would cost a bit, and I could never decide on how many more I would need. Then Christmas came around, and to our surprise, Zaedyn had a package full of adorable and funky Snappies Cloth Nappies from Australia. I still smile when I think about the generosity and love for Zaedyn to have an ecobum and to save his Mum from washing so much. Now the stash has continued to grow with a custom made Very Hungry Caterpillar vegan version from Cinnamon (New Zealand Made Reusable Products) for Zaedyn’s 1st birthday party, a minky zebra nappy and blue retro circles nappy from Snappies because they were on sale, a special Beach Bum nappy from Bum Cheeks as a present, and a Punga Tails and Ones and Twos nappy from the Nappy Lady. With a decent nappy stash, we have been able to use cloth nappies full-time while camping, spending weekends away, and on a few holidays to California and Rarotonga without always worrying about washing and running out.

Our Honey Child Nappies seem to be the best quality which has become known as the “Night Nappy” in our house as it seems to be the only one that Zaedyn can wear through the night without leaks. Born 3290g, Zaedyn managed to get good use out of his newborn nappies and at almost 16 month still has yet to wear the Toddler size. His other nappies also have great adjustability as a one size and seem to be worn during the day so that he can show off his stylish bum. Through our cloth nappy journey, I have found that I prefer snaps over velcro and pockets with removable inserts rather than sewn in. I often double up the inserts for more absorbency. As with everything, you will find your own preferences.

Good luck with your journey to fill your stash with nappies to suit your needs.

The Nappy Lady


Be in to learn and receive FREE modern cloth nappies from the nappy lady!

Kate Meads is “creating a buzz about cloth nappies” as she hosts workshops around New Zealand to promote modern cloth nappies and show people how to be waste free parents.

Cloth nappies these days are easy & pretty stylish, too! However, with so many styles and brands it can be a bit confusing on where to begin. There is not one perfect nappy. You will have to do a bit of research and find out which nappy best suits you and your babies’ needs. Locally made? Absorbency? Fast drying time? Durability? Eco friendly? Affordable? Stylish?

During Cloth Nappy week back in April, there were some awesome sponsors, prizes, and nappies being hidden around the country through a scavenger hunt. I could not believe the amount of followers, awareness raised, and cloth nappy love.

Sign up for a workshop and/or spread the word to receive valuable information and free modern cloth nappies. Visit The Nappy Lady website and join Facebook Pages TheNappy Lady and Cloth Nappy Week to find out about upcoming events and information.

If you don’t live in New Zealand, you can search online or in stores for cloth nappies in your area. There are countless numbers of nappies around the world now. If you like projects and want to be creative, you can even make your own. There are some available patterns online.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have as Zaedyn wears cloth nappies full-time and has been in them since birth. Just curious to see how many bubs out there are in cloth and how often so please take a second to answer below. Thanks! I better go and hang Zaedyn’s nappies over the drying rack now.

Ka kite apōpo (See you tomorrow)