Baby Strollers or Babywearing?


You feel the kicks inside, you are dreaming up the perfect nursery, and then you stop and stare at your registry when you get to strollers. Do you imagine yourself putting your baby in a stroller and going for a jog every morning? Or do you imagine putting your baby upon your chest and wrapping them or holding them tight?


Almost 34 weeks with Zaedyn Tai in 2011

No matter which thought you leaned toward, every baby is different, and sometimes different settings change the preference of stroller or carrier from day to day. Zaedyn wanted nothing to do with strollers when he was a baby, however this changed when we traveled overseas and started using it more and more. It was a great convenience to be able to have no other body attached with space to toss bags underneath and save my back and posture. Zaya also spent a lot of time in an Ergo Carrier early on simply because it provided the convenience of feeding and continuing to carry on playing with a toddler. However, the positive side of being able to put her in a stroller was providing space. If Zaya was carried, she would want to be latched on continuously. Also as a single Mama, having one baby in a carrier and a toddler in a stroller also made life possible. Every day with these beautiful energetic children meant time outside in nature. We never stopped exploring and living our lives, but with the convenience of a stroller as well, I am not sure how I would have managed otherwise. Picture me, baby in carrier also holding a toddler on my hip, bag on shoulder, trying to move forward. This definitely happened at times, and I can’t say it was particularly comfortable! If I had to do that often, my back would not appreciate it, but of course I would do it for these cuties.


For those of you who know me well, you would not really think of me going on about strollers as they were not even a part of my life. I wanted my baby nearby, or I didn’t want to push an empty stroller while holding a baby. Then I realized the positives of strollers as being convenient, walking freely, providing space for belongings during long outings, etc. Baby wearing and strollers have both played a part in my children’s lives, and I believe there is a time and place for both. I am a hippie Mama who is all about natural parenting and being at one with your baby, but it doesn’t mean that using a stroller is not as comforting. Sometimes even babies want their space! It is a great way to separate shortly while keeping that connection and closeness, beginning to provide learning of independence and freedom.

When deciding what stroller to buy, there is a lot to think about. My parents bought one in combination with a capsule carseat. The first one I had for Zaedyn was sturdy and able to travel through many terrains. At one point, I even tried a double stroller that we picked up at a garage sale. The evolution of strollers is remarkable. Within each category, there are even more factors such as is your double next to each other, below, even, or facing? Do you have a sunroof? Are the straps simple and easy? How many wheels are there? Can you remove the material to wash it? Plus so much more! Thought you were just picking a stroller. Think again. Almost every baby item requires you to think endlessly and wonder what the best possible option is for your precious baby.


Many of our adventures might not have been as enjoyable if I was not able to have some time completely unattached, especially during those hot summer months! Usually our adventures involve a lot of walking and discovering new surroundings. I bet a lot of you have had similar experiences so I would love to hear from you and provide you with something special just for sharing your memory. Childhood is truly magical.

I am very excited to be able to offer you a $50 gift card simply by commenting below:

Where was your most exciting or memorable stroller adventure?

I cannot wait to hear about your lovely memories. You have until Friday, October 4 to enter just by commenting below. We would love for you to share with all your Mama friends as well!


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  1. My most memorable stroller adventure was taking my sons (when they were younger) to Disney World and having them in a double stroller. They loved seeing all of their favorite Disney characters.

    Thanks for the chance!

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  2. I haven’t had my baby yet but I can remember pushing my niece around in her stroller. She had the hardest time falling asleep until I found a bumpy sidewalk to push her . The bumps put her right to sleep.

  3. My most memorable stroller adventure was hiking amidst the giant redwoods with my family. My son was only three months old and prefered to be worn as close to me as possible (or maybe I just preferred to always be wearing him!) Bundled up in layers, I placed him in his stroller for the first time and he was in awe of the beautiful redwoods surrounding him. It was pretty magical watching him soak up nature & see the world through his lens. Not to mention, my mom pushed him in the stroller, while my dad held his tiny little fingers. To watch them share our favorite hike as children with their grandson was so surreal! Had I worn him in my wrap like I typically always did, we all would have completely missed out on this experience. I think there is a time and place for babywearing and strollers & I will forever hold that memory close to my heart!

  4. My most memorable stroller adventures were with Soleil when she was 8 months old and on. I loved it as it would keep me fit and give her her own independence and view of the quaint beach town we lived in at the time. I would jog the streets of Ocean Beach, sometimes stopping at the playground on the way home, and she would always fall asleep, which was a plus 🙂 Would love to hear more about the strollers that you have used!

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