Beanfields Chips: Yes, they are Vegan!


vegan chips

Farmed and made in the USA, these chips were made free of the 8 most common food allergens! These bags were lovingly made by a family owned company and kindly sent to me to review. I am beyond grateful for this amazing delivery, and I am so excited to share these with you as they are delicious. With so many flavours available, I am sure you will love them just as much as we do.

I was so excited to try all of them that it was such a hard decision which one to try first. I was quite curious about Pico De Gallo. Yum! I was already hooked as soon as I started eating them. Zaedyn instantly loved them as well. Having the option of full size and snack size is great. For one, the snack size stops you from sitting and eating the entire full size bag by yourself (I may have done this. They really are that delicious). Also, Zaedyn loved being able to choose a snack size bag to bring with him wherever we would go. Here he is, just out of the car and in the pram to go to Disneyland, already pouring his chips out to snack on. Who says Beanfields chips cannot be eaten early in the morning? 🙂

vegan chips

vegan chips

Two thumbs up from Zaedyn!

Vegan chips

They also make the perfect poolside snack. We loved sharing these while enjoying the beautiful summer day. We even spent a beautiful evening on the water in a Duffy Boat enjoying Beansfields Chips. My Aunt bought a bunch of snacks at Sprouts, and I was so excited that she had bought Beanfields Chips to share.

Vegan Chips

They really are “The vegan answer to Doritos” as VegNews put it. If you love Cooler Ranch Doritos, Beanfields Ranch flavour is your perfect healthy alternative. Maybe because it reminds me of my childhood and the occasional times I ate those chips, but I think that the Ranch might be my favourite. It wasn’t one that I thought I would like as much, but yum! You will find it hard to resist eating the entire bag. Salt n’ Pepper is quite unique as well, and I really enjoyed these, too. Depending on your mood, there is always a time to enjoy all of them. They are beyond delicious.

Twice as much protein and fiber and 29%-37% less fat compared to other tortilla chips, vegan, gluten-free, corn free, non GMO project verified, and no fillers! Rice and beans might sound a bit unusual for a base of a chip, but I will assure you that Beanfields was pretty clever in creating these award winning chips. I do not usually eat a lot of chips apart from tortilla chips to scoop lots of salsa and guacamole, but I think that has all changed. I am already disappointed knowing that my box is now empty. Lucky I have been spotting them at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Fresh & Easy. The snack size bags retail $1.19-$1.49 while the full size is $2.99-$3.99


Don’t forget to go and try some. You really will be amazed. I may just have to refill my box.

Healthy, local, full of protein, and most importantly ~ VEGAN!

Need any more reasons to try Beansfields chips? …

“Beans are good for our families, good for our farmers, and good for our planet” ~Beansfields

Which flavour do you want to try?

**Thanks so much to Beansfields Snacks. This is entirely my own opinion, and I cannot speak highly enough about Beansfields. If it weren’t for their email, I possibly would have never tried these or been able to share with you my new discovery. Enjoy!

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