Green Smoothie & Vegan Sushi



Circle of Moms Top 25 Vegan & Vegetarian Moms - 2013 - Vote for me! Thank you to everyone who has been voting for us. Definitely harder coming in late and trying to catch up, but I really appreciate all of you voting for us. Great to see that we are sitting at #6 with 61 votes now. Don’t forget that you can continue to vote every 24 hours since your last vote until February 7th 🙂 By making the Top 25, we will be a part of this resource for other Vegan & Vegetarian Mums, or those who are curious. As you can tell, I would love to be a part of this.

Also, I am looking at putting together a link on my site with a favourite post from your blog if anyone is interested. Through this Top 25, I have found so many other blogs that I like, but even keeping up with all the awesome posts from all of our readers seems to be quite difficult. It always amazes me how many awesome and inspiring articles and information is out there, but even some of the best cannot always be quickly found on a Google Search.

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    • Definitely 🙂 We are a bit more creative sometimes, but our usual vegan sushi is avocado and rice. This was a new type of sushi we made with a bit of avocado mixed into the rice to keep it together better for Zaedyn with some vegan chicken-style nuggets. So many veggies and ways to make yummy vegan sushi though.

  1. YUM sushi & smoothie = YUM. I haven’t made sushi in ages…. MUST do it 🙂 I am late to the voting party too, I am heading that way now! I would love to be involved in a blog link up with you 🙂

    • Yes, you can make it raw even to go with what you are eating at the moment. We bought raw Nori, and there are some great recipes out there, or you can even just use veggies. For how long the voting goes for, I don’t know if it really matters. A few at the top have only just come in, and I see you getting lots of votes now 🙂 I feel a bit silly continuing to post it all the time, but so many people are asking for reminders. Ooh, I can’t say I have been very involved in the blog link up side of things, but I would love to!

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