Animal Love



We love our animal friends/family, and I have almost as many photos of them as I do of Zaedyn πŸ™‚ They are a huge part of our lives. We have had Kai, our bunny, since October 2008. Ziggy, at the top right, came to us in 2009, but unfortunately needed to move onto bigger land. I miss him! This year we saved Bubbles, known to us as Lamby, on the very right in the bottom right photo. The other two lambs are currently living at our place to enjoy some more space. Zaedyn cares about them just as much as we do, and he is always telling me about Kai and Lamby along with every other animal in the world…

Anyone else want to share photos or tell us about the animals in your lives? To share a photo, you can click on the very first photo (above), or go to my Facebook Page. Please share your animal love via Facebook or Twitter @arohanuivegan #animallove.








I will leave you with these, otherwise I could carry on posting heaps and heaps of photos! Don’t forget to share yours with us.

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