Maui’s & Hector’s Dolphins Need Your Help!


Mount Maunganui

There is nothing like the feeling of paddling out to sea, sitting on your board waiting for a wave, and watching dolphins pass or play nearby. With only 55 Maui’s dolphins left, I cannot imagine them being gone forever. I also want Zaedyn to grow up being able to encounter these dolphins as well. Therefore, we are supporting the “Let’s Face It” campaign which is a visual way for the public to express their concern for these critically endangered species.

Let's Face It Visual Campaign

Let’s Face It Visual Campaign

With the conservation plan in New Zealand Government currently being planned, “Let’s Face It” needs your visual petition as soon as possible before the end of March 2012. They welcome everyone of all ages from all over the world. They are currently at 5,347 petitions toward their goal of 5,500! All you need to do is download an image from their site and have someone take a photo of you holding it up, or take one of yourself if you are clever.

Maui's with iPhoneYou can get creative, too. We tried to take one holding up the image on an iPhone so that we weren’t printing, but it was hard to see in the sunshine at the beach. We found a pamphlet at Solscape and took it down to Manu Bay with us to take our photos. We had a fantastic few days in the Eco Bach and look forward to sharing more with you soon about our stay at this eco retreat that we love. Then when we went to Kiritehere a few days later, we spotted a huge sign about the Maui’s dolphins.

There are many options in creating your own visual petition. If you print a photo, why not pass it along to friends so that you can share it around and save some paper & ink, too. You can even make it simple and stand in front of your computer screen that is displaying a picture of a Maui’s or Hector’s dolphin. That doesn’t sound like much if you followed along with Dave Rastovich’s 350km paddle for Maui’s along with other supporters. Rasta was lucky enough to encounter a pod of Maui’s dolphins south of the Manukau Harbour entrance, but he believes that they will lose all hope if nonessential seabed mining off New Zealand’s coast is allowed. Check out Kiwi’s Against Seabed Mining for more information on how to save our sand and coastline. There are some powerful videos well worth watching that put this environmental issue into perspective.

Dolphin Under Threat Sign at Kiritehere

Dolphin Under Threat Sign at Kiritehere

Check out the “Let’s Face It” website for more information and even a list of celebrity and legends corner to find out who else is supporting this campaign. Do you remember Dogtown & Z-Boyz? Peggi Oki, the only female skateboarder on the Zephyr team, is the person behind this campaign asking you to participate.




Upload Your Visual Petition

The Maui’s and Hector’s Dolphins are under threat, and they need your help! Are you willing to show your love? Please take part in this visual petition & share with others all over the world.

Let's Face It Campaign Visual Petitions

Let’s Face It Campaign Visual Petitions


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