Gluten-Free Vegan Lemon Bars with The Vegg



Chocolate and lemon are my two favourites! I can never decide between chocolate and lemon cake and will end up eating a bit of both. With a few lemons on the bench, I decided to make a lemon loaf cake. My grandma used to make a lemon cake topped with lemon icing that was delicious so I wondered if I could make a gluten-free vegan version using The Vegg.

I began getting my ingredients ready and blending my Vegg mix to put aside. Cream together sugar & Olivani, add in the blended Vegg mix, and continue to whisk in the rest of the ingredients. I patiently waited to see the outcome. I love the smell of lemon. Unfortunately what I thought was going to be a loaf looked a bit flat compared to what I expected. I pulled it out and was pleasantly surprised. A mix between gooey and fluffy.

These were very yummy, and it reminded me of the lemon bars I used to make as a child. The only thing missing was the base. You could use my base from my Vegan Caramel Slice or another similar gluten-free vegan base if you choose. It really is yummy on its own though. I enjoyed the lemon bars plain, but it is also nice topped with a mix of lemon juice and vegan icing sugar, berries, or just sprinkled with vegan icing sugar.

Yum! I was pretty excited by what I created with The Vegg. I thought about calling them Lemon Squares, but it was quite nice to be reminded of the lemon bars that I used to love. Feel free to adapt the recipe depending on your taste of lemons and add a base if you like. I used a different basic gluten-free flour than I normally use so I wonder if it would rise with more baking powder. Let me know if you make this and substitute with a different type of flour.

The Vegg

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