Love of Teepees


Has anyone else planted a bean teepee (tipi) this year?

Ours is growing pretty quickly. It isn’t too late to start now.

Teepees can be so much fun. We love them.

They are great to sleep in…


They are a fun place to read books…

Bamboo Teepee

and kanikani (dance)…


They are great to drink smoothies in…

Bamboo Teepee

Plus, they are great for hiding away and eating some beans 🙂


We are still waiting for ours to come in as we planted a bit late to avoid our lamb from eating them, but they are growing so quickly. I need to get a photo update. We have yet to plant our snap peas.

Beans and peas are an easy raw nutritious snack that are fun to eat. We bought some peas that David and I have been enjoying and so has Zaedyn. He showed a lot of concentration and coordination when trying to get them out. With each one full of different amounts, we also used them as a fun way of counting. Tahi, rua, toru, whā, rima, ono, whitu, waru, iwa, tekau. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez.

Zaedyn is learning about being sustainable and growing his own food in a fun and positive way. I cannot wait to see how our bean teepee turns out and watching him pick fresh beans from the plant to eat. The garden provides so many wonderful opportunities to learn and care for the environment.

Garden Beans

There are so many teepees available to purchase and many opportunities for you to make them yourself. Do you or your children like teepees?

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    • Same! We hoped to have a big one in our backyard like the one at the top. If you click on the photo, it was at Solscape although I wish it was at our house. One day 🙂 We will have fun with our little bamboo ones for now…

  1. Your peas look so delicious, and you’re so right about home grown veggies and fruit being a super way to nurture an appreciation for nature!

  2. Yay, I LOVE teepees! I also love those gardening pictures – way to go! I haven’t tried growing beans before – my parents had some little bean teepees going last time I was in NZ though. We have tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, rocket, spinach and beetroot at the moment – love growing our own food!

    • Beans are unbelievably easy to grow. You should definitely try them. That was the biggest bamboo we could find at the time, but I would love to build a bigger teepee. Oh yum, sounds like you have a lovely garden. Ours seems to be everywhere this year. Do you have any natural gardening tips that work for you?

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