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The Vegg, the World’s First Vegan Egg!

The Vegg

I originally found out about this product through The Vegan Society of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Rocky Shepheard, creator of The Vegg, was looking for people to sample The Vegg. He has contacted people internationally to try out this innovative new product as a compassionate alternative to eggs. Everyone seems to be busy creating all sorts with The Vegg, but Fried Vegg, Scrambled Veggs, and French Toast seem to be pretty popular. This might be due to the given recipe for french toast on the label, or maybe the fact that this product is filling a void where vegans, for the first time, can enjoy a vegan egg yolk or eggy type products that can not be created with other egg substitutes.

In saying that, my interest in using The Vegg is still as a replacement for eggs in baking. There are just some recipes that call for too many eggs, and I really want to see if The Vegg is up for the challenge. Some baking seems far too complicated when adjusting recipes to make vegan and gluten-free so I hope that The Vegg might change that. As you may remember in my post about the arrival of The Vegg, I do not miss eggs. I cannot stand the smell of them. I am also really bad when it comes to the idea of vegan meat substitutes. Sometimes I think I am better off not eating them because if I do, I spend more time examining it and asking my husband if he thinks it is real meat. The Vegg wasn’t any different. Seeing this vegan egg yolk, identical to that of a real egg yolk and opening the package to get that eggy smell definitely had me questioning. However, the fact that it is not a real egg and that so many other vegans have been experimenting and enjoying The Vegg made me more open to the idea of trying it out. Plus, the main ingredient is nutritional yeast which contains many beneficial nutrients.

I figured that I needed to at least give The Vegg a chance and begin experimenting by trying out French Toast & Scrambled Veggs. I followed the French Toast recipe on The Vegg package, using 4 tsp Vegg powder, 1.5 cups of water, and replaced 1.5 cups soymilk with almond milk. The big tip to remember is to blend as you won’t be succesful mixing by hand. Adding cinnamon to the mix, I was ready to make my french toast. Unfortunately the gluten-free bread that I was using did not hold The Vegg as well, but it easily became bite sized french toast which was perfect for our little vegan. Although my husband did not grow up eating much french toast, he said that it was like what he remembered from years ago.

Gluten-Free Vegan Vegg French Toast

Gluten-Free Vegan Vegg French Toast

What did Zaedyn think of The Vegg? …

Original Vegan

I obviously misread the note about serving 3-4 people and should have made about half the amount. David was excited to try Veggs on toast as eggs on toast used to be a favourite so I decided to use the rest of the mix for this. I was getting the tofu out and ready to make Scrambled Veggs when I realised that I had put a lot of cinnamon in my Vegg mix. The only problem with this is that David isn’t a huge fan of cinnamon. He didn’t notice it in the french toast, but it had a much stronger taste in the Veggs. However, this turned out to be quite an eggy texture and taste that can definitely replace scrambled eggs. Just break the tofu in small pieces and add The Vegg. David preferred to have them plain, but I think that they would taste much better with lots of veggies added in!

Scrambled Veggs

I made a big jump and tried to make a dessert that I really used to love, chocolate souffle. I wasn’t quite sure how The Vegg would work with this, and I adjusted a recipe that used ingredients I would use including coconut flour and coconut oil. I was a bit disappointed when it didn’t quite work, but that doesn’t mean it won’t with a few adjustments. Either way, the smell of chocolate filled the air, and we used fresh strawberries to enjoy this chocolatey dessert. I will keep using The Vegg in my attempt to recreate recipes that call for eggs. I might leave the souffle for now though!

Vegg Souffle

If you are a blogger, Rocky is still looking for a few more people to test and review The Vegg. Until the end of December you can submit ‘original’ recipes for your chance to be part of the first Vegg cookbook. If you are just excited about The Vegg, you can try out this egg-free yolk replacer available in the US and online and look forward to the cookbook to be released in late 2013.

Where can you buy The Vegg?

Where can you find Vegg recipes now?

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  1. Oh Z is so cute!
    I found your review very interesting. I’m a bit ambivalent about the Vegg. I have seen it (in a vegan store) but just couldn’t bring myself to buy it!
    I haven’t eaten eggs for 16 years, so I don’t even remember what to do with them! However, the Vegg is probably great for people who are just transitioning off eggs.
    I was never really a fan of French toast or scrambled eggs, but I would like to make vegan quiche. Do you think the Vegg would be good for that?

    • I agree. Personally, I am not keen on eggs, but I think that this is awesome for those who are missing eggs or wanting to make recipes that call for them. Eggs seems to be one of the foods that people do not want to give up so I love the idea of people using it instead of real eggs :). If you click to their website, there is a recipe you to make a quiche with it. I might give it a go.

  2. Hmm I can imagine you could make it work for a soufflé if you adapt the recipe like you said, it’s supposed to be an all-round replacement right? Or is soufflé just an unreachable dream? Lol! Looking forward to hearing how it works out for other recipes.
    The eggs on toast seems promising though! You said the texture was pretty similar, was the taste too though or?

    • Well, it is supposed to be an egg yolk so you would just have to make adjustments for the egg white. For basic baking it seems to work, but for something like this the egg whites factor in a bit to the overall outcome. I haven’t eaten eggs for a very long time, but I felt that they were eggy. People have been using tofu for awhile as scrambled eggs, but The Vegg just adds to that to make it more like eggs 🙂

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