Smoothie a Day #20 Mango


This smoothie was way too yummy! Zaedyn was not that interested in sharing with me so I had to find my own straw, but then he decided that he could drink from two. Cheeky!

We have not had mango for awhile and wanted to make sure that we could taste it. This was a very simple smoothie, but you could easily add greens or a few more ingredients.

Tomorrow’s smoothie a day is nut butter in case you want to join in or see what we decide to make. If you haven’t noticed already, check out the Smoothie a Day quick link page at the top that I added. Oh, and something else really exciting. We received some fluffy mail from the Nappy Lady today! If you want to find out what nappy we have added to Zaedyn’s nappy stash, I will be posting a photo later. I love the print!

smoothie a day


-1 mango

-1/3 cup pineapple,

-1/3 cup coconut water (I used freeze dried powder this time)

-1 banana.

Adjust with more pineapple or coconut water if needed.

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    • That’s okay. My friend lived over there for awhile and was telling me that they would always buy big boxes of mangos that were so cheap and yummy. Do you have a Farmer’s Market? They are showing up in the fruit shops up here so hopefully there will be some down your way soon.

      Have you ever looked into buying from companies that deliver fruit boxes? Think I need at add a mango tree to the list of what I should grow 🙂

      • No farmers’ markets here unfortunately – Kaikoura is fairly meat and hunting oriented…not quite as vegan/vego friendly and organic as what I had remembered from about 20 years ago! I have asked many companies who deliver fruit boxes, and noone delivers here. I’m working on rustling up a co-op group and seeing if we can get together enough families to make it worthwhile to organise regular trips to christchurch to collect organic produce in bulk. Here’s hoping! A mango tree is a great idea 🙂

    • That’s good to know because I thought the opposite! A lot of people used to tell me that I would love it down there because of the surf and lifestyle. We enjoyed our recent trip through there though. What an awesome idea about a co-op. Would love to hear how you go, & I will let you know if I come across anything :). Oh, & I have just been looking through your tea blends. I definitely want to try some & love your site!

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