The World’s First Vegan Egg Yolk


vegan egg

Look what I have just received from The Vegg, the world’s first vegan egg yolk! That’s right. Not just an egg replacer, but an egg-free “egg”. My egg replacer if needed is usually chia seed, and I suppose I ignore recipes that depend on egg. Replacing ingredients in “typical” recipes to make them vegan and gluten-free ended up far too complicated. I have had much more success with my raw vegan recipes. However, I am now very curious about this new vegan “egg” yolk that traveled from Pennsylvania to New Zealand. Anyone else curious?

French toast? Quiche? Scrambled Veggs? Vegg pancakes? I am not someone who misses eggs, but I see the possibilities and keep trying to decide what I should make. Hopefully something delicious and unique.

I am really excited to experiment with this new & very different product than what has previously been available. I feel pretty special to be given the opportunity to review The Vegg and would love to hear from you if you have any requests on what you would like to see me make. Whether you are a vegan who misses eggs and recipes with eggs, or someone just curious if this product actually tastes like an egg, I would love to hear from you.

Oh, and besides helping caged hens through providing an alternative egg, 10% of net sales from The Vegg are donated to Compassion Over Killing. So buying The Vegg helps to support animals, but is it as yummy as people are saying? Make sure to LIKE Arohanui Vegan Love on Facebook so that you can find out when I post my review.

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