Useful Avocado Tip


Avocados have endless benefits and are absolutely amazing! There are so many delicious ways to enjoy them simply as they are in their raw state, tossed in a salad, added to a smoothie, mixed in a dip, used as a spread, used in baking and uncooking desserts, etc. We really should have grown our own avocado tree when we first thought about it because we use them for everything. Especially since it is one of Zaedyn’s favourite foods, and it is packed with nutritional benefits.

For little ones, there can be challenging points when it comes to meal times. As a parent, you want to help them, but you also want them to be individuals. Avocados are extremely helpful when it comes to helping your child learn independence skills when eating, and also leaves less of a mess and wasted food on your floor. This was a super quick dinner, and I would normally add lots more. Possibly not the healthiest, but Zaedyn was hungry so I quickly put this together. He has not had rice in awhile so he was pretty excited and ate all of the rice first. You could easily add more veggies and lentils or come up with something more creative than this. However, how was avocado useful besides its many health benefits?


If I make something like rice or quinoa, avocados are the perfect solution to keep it all together. I have always found it hard for Zaedyn to keep it on the spoon when trying to feed himself. There was a time as well when I thought he simply did not like rice and it would all come back out. Maybe this has something to do with loving avocado, but if you are in need of a way to add more nutrients and healthy fats plus help you and your little ones with frustration to learn to feed themselves, try adding avocado! Let me know about your experiences.

Even if they decide to use their hands, the avocado makes it stick together and is easier for them to pick up and eat. If you want to let them eat and help them as well, try using two spoons. Zaedyn ends up using both spoons to help himself. From the very start we tried to incorporate baby led weaning and have allowed him to use utensils or given him whole foods in the early stages. There are huge learning opportunities when it comes to meal times, and he definitely enjoys eating because he can feed himself.

Oh, and you don’t have to be little to try this. The avocado makes it taste really yummy! With lots of raw veggies added, this is also a great mix for a wrap.



*Tip: Use avocado to bind food together, adding lots of nutrients and making it easier for your child to feed themselves.

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