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“Embrace your inner nomad with colorful ethnic prints reminiscent of exploring bazaars and spice markets.”    Envirosax ~ the original designer reusable bag


Envirosax Nomad Graphic Series reusable bags

reusable bags

Amongst my numerous purchases from NZSale in the past month, I was so excited to purchase these Envirosax bags. I have looked at them a few times at Huckleberry Farms and always debated whether or not I needed them. I have a variety of reusable bags so I always figured that I should save my money. Plus, I could never decide amongst all of the colours and patterns! I am so happy that I made my mind up to buy some and even managed to use them at the grocery store tonight.

In California, it seemed so common to bring your bags to the supermarket. In fact, it was almost essential. You would even be in to win by bringing your own bags. Although there are a few stores in New Zealand that now charge 10 cents per bag, it isn’t necessarily normal to bring your own bags, or at least where I have lived. However, having stylish bags made me really excited to use them tonight. Actually, they are such a good size and hold the weight that I only ended up needing to use one.

I love how I was able to buy them as a set of 5 including a pouch. They each roll up and fit into the bag which I can keep in my handbag. No excuse for not using them now.


Envirosax Organic Series hemp reusable bag

I couldn’t pass up buying one from the organic series as well. This bag is very eco-friendly and strong as it is made from hemp. I love the pattern, and the texture of the bag is so soft. Moving toward sustainability, this organic bag is even printed with vegetable based ink and also comes with a pouch for storage. This hemp bag probably has to be my favourite.


Envirosax Slingsax Series reusable bag

In case you thought I had enough bags now, I still wanted to buy a Slingsax as well. With adjustable straps, this bag will suit as a messenger style bag making it easy when I carry Zaedyn. There is even a pocket to store my keys and phone. I can see this being a good bag for when we go to the beach!

reusable bags

Zaedyn telling me all about them

Zaedyn loved the tag and was busy telling me all about the bags and Envirosax. He let me know about things like how they are fully washable without fading, convenient and water resistant, tested for strength and safety, fashionable and fun, solution to plastic bags, 100% guaranteed certified RPET, carbon offset by planting rainforest trees, and that they are ethically made.

reusable bags

Zaedyn was pretty excited about our new reusable bags

There is a lot of meaning behind the Envirosax logo. Here is how the company expresses their meaning behind it:
“The three bags signify the environmental alternative to plastic bags. The leaf represents flora and the eco-friendly nature of the bags; the fragile butterfly represents fauna whose habitat is coserved through the eradication of plastic bags. The classic “recycle” logo is captured with a brush stroke which also recognises the artistic nature of the bags.”

You can read about the dangers of plastic bags and their huge threat to the environment on their website. Check out Envirosax to find some reusable bags that suit your needs and style.

reusable bag


Zaedyn helping to unload the groceries

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  1. Oooh I like these, especially the organic hemp one. When living in Darwin some kind of ‘bag free’ policy came in and we had to take our own bags to the supermarkets and most shops. I always had at least one prefolded bag in my handbag. These look much brighter and cooler than the ones I have though. Perfect for a towel and beach essentials… I may have to invest with summer approaching!

    • Thanks for sharing, Brigitte :). It is really interesting to see what parts of the world are bringing their own bags shopping. It is fascinating as well that many retail shops in New Zealand give reusable bags, however plastic bags are common in supermarkets. Did you use reusable bags at all shops in Darwin?

      Yip, the organic hemp one is my favourite! I knew I should have bought a few more. I will have to look out for them.

  2. Not all shops, but most….The shops which still used plastic bags were the likes of clothing shops and they were the ‘heavy’ type ones. Otherwise shops had re-useable, bio-degradeable or paper bags….

    Plastic bags are now banned.
    As of the 1st September, Darwin has officially said “NO” to the use of lightweight, “checkout” style plastic bags. This means shoppers need to either bring their own bags, or grab environmentally friendly bags from the shop.

    The following bags are not banned:
    Green bags (keep clean and re-use over 100 times);
    Biodegradable or compostable bags;
    Heavy retail bags;
    Paper bags;
    Barrier bags for fruit and vegetables.

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