Fascination of a Quiet Book


Haka Quiet Book


Alphabet Truck

Vegan Picnic


Numbers Surfing Theme


Butterfly Numbers

Traffic Light & Road

Dress the People

Shape Matcher

What an awesome prezzie Zaedyn received back in April for his 1st birthday. I love how unique it is to us & how Zaedyn is able to relate to the truck, waves, & vegan picnic, making connections to the world around him. This morning he was so fascinated playing with his quiet book. Most of all, he was just curious and playful in his exploration. There are many learning opportunities through counting in English & Te Reo, fine motor skills with buttoning, velcro, zips, learning colours and about traffic lights, roads & traffic signs, ABCs, shapes, & healthy vegan food. I look forward to seeing what other dispositions and learning will occur as Zaedyn continues to play with his quiet book.

Who is the talented person responsible for this learning tool? Read more about the making of our quiet book & other sewing ventures with AfricanKiwi.

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