Who mistakenly buys a cabbage instead of cauliflower? Possibly only me. I was so excited to find lots of yummy fruits and vegetables at the shop over the weekend since the one near us doesn’t seem to carry much and there is not a lot growing in my garden yet either. I obviously was not paying much attention. I am hopeful of a very yummy garden soon where we can eat the produce we grow, especially with beautiful sunny days like today. Anyways, I was pulling all sorts off the shelf and needed to buy a full cauliflower because I am back to eating my favourite: raw cauliflower and hummus. I was gutted when I was really hungry with my hummus and cauliflower out only to realise that it wasn’t actually a cauliflower. Not sure how I managed not to notice as I put it in the cart, however, it worked to my advantage.

Zaedyn and I quickly popped into the fruit and veggie shop downtown this afternoon to buy cauliflower, and I always look over to where my fresh young coconuts usually are even though I had been told that they probably won’t be in the shop for awhile. I still get disappointed when I look and don’t see them, but as I kept walking, I saw a box of them that are now half gone. Besides Zaedyn, I know one other person that will be just as excited as me. Yes, we do get super excited about finding yummy fresh young coconuts, even if they are only from the shop and not fresh from the island on the beach. Now I have three yummy coconuts in my kitchen for Zaedyn, Brigitte, and I. Can’t wait to crack them open. They always make me think of Rarotonga now and am hoping to get back there again so Zaedyn can pick some fresh ones straight off the tree for me.

Zaedyn Tai finding young coconuts in Rarotonga

Oh, and I managed to buy an actual cauliflower which I can snack on as I also attempt a new recipe: Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings. Will keep you posted on how they turn out.

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Arohanui Vegan Love is about having compassion and love as a vegan in all aspects of life from early childhood & natural learning, gardening, photography, health & wellness, food, birth, breastfeeding, travel, & all things vegan...

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  1. Yummm!! Oh how I love young coconuts!!
    Wouldn’t mind trying your Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings too as I also quite like cauliflower 🙂

  2. Ahaha… tonight I saw a telecom ad on tv where the little boy Tommy gives his little turtle Boris a cabbage to eat. You know me and turtles. I had to chuckle thinking about you and your cabbage!

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