The Herbal Dispensary


Black sand, long left breaks, sunshine = happiness. To add to that, we continually come across something new to explore such as Bridal Veil Falls, camping in a teepee at Solscape, laying in a hammock, wandering aimlessly down the Main St., having a picnic harbourside, talking to cows, frolicking along different bays, collecting natural resources, playing with driftwood, and just making our own fun. Our find this arvo: The Herbal Dispensary Raglan.

Haere Mai ki Whaingaroa, Welcome to Raglan. Our happy place…

     My Dandelion Chai is all gone, and I was searching online to find more when I came across The Herbal Dispensary Raglan. Another reason to go to Raglan, of course! As many times as we visit Raglan, we have never been inside the Herbal Dispensary. You have to cross the road at the end of town near the harbour to get to it, possibly why we never seem to make it that way. Fortunately for our bank account, Zaedyn had thought sleep was overrated on the drive over so I was rushed to shop as he was knackered and ready for a moe.

     The first thing I noticed was sprouts and kale. I have been wanting to grow my own kale! Everywhere I looked, I saw familiar products that I love and can not easily be found in shops near us. As Zaedyn and David know, I can spend a lot of time in health food shops. I stood there looking at almost every item and contemplating in my head what exactly I wanted to buy. What was I looking for again? That’s right, dandelion chai. Somehow on my way to find it, I seemed to have collected cacao & raspberry raw organic little bird macaroons, alfalfa sprouts, kale seeds, an organic kale plant, vanilla pods, passionflower tea, and star anise. The amount of herbal teas seemed endless. Although there was plenty more that I wanted to buy, I am pretty happy with what I found, especially the macaroons that seem to be disappearing. Plus, I filled up half a loyalty card to get $10 off within 6 months if the rest of my card is stamped. I am pretty sure I can manage that!

    Where to next? Zaedyn could not decide between sleep and play. Although he was so tired, there were far too many things to explore. A quick stop at the Raglan Roast for a soy flat white, and off we went toward Whale Bay. Coffee has come and gone in my life from owning my own espresso machine and making myself lattes to giving it up completely. I splurge in California as I love my iced soy latte from Starbucks even though the espresso there is a bit strong for me now. At the moment, I am happy to enjoy an occasional soy flat white. Raglan Roast is a must stop as it seems to be my favourite cafe in New Zealand. Besides dandelion chai, Golden Fields also makes caffeine free coffee substitutes which I have yet to try as I mistakenly thought they contained gluten. Although they contain malt and barley extract which I immediately read, they are gluten free.

     Not a lot of swell at Whale or Manu Bay, but the sun was shining and there were still waves rolling in. Here is a collage to share of our afternoon at Manu Bay with a cheeky little boy who did not fall asleep until our drive home. He thought that he was pretty clever making his way up stairs. He also enjoyed splashing in the tidepools before slipping in to completely soak his jeans. Oh well. Might as well start early on your tan, Zaedyn. He stood there in his Honey Child nappy pointing to his puku and laughing at his Dad. Finally, the rocks were a lovely place to breastfeed before wandering back to the car.

What a fantastic day at Raglan, and a great new find in our favourite beach town. …~ Holistic approach to health and healing ~… Almonds are currently being soaked in filtered water. I will be making fresh raw almond milk in the morning to add to my favourite spirulina smoothie. Yum! Off to bed now. Ka kite apōpo.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day in Raglan! And now i know where you got your cacao from 🙂 I love that shop too. I used to get my raspberry leaf tea from there whilst pregnant!

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