Zaedyn Tai’s Nappy Stash



Honey Child, Snappies, Cinnamon, & Bum Cheeks…Zaedyn wears them all! This only shows part of Zaedyn’s stash. He also owns a Punga Tails, Ones & Twos, and more of both Honey Child and Snappies Nappies. How did we end up with so many? ….

Well, on our search to find the perfect cloth nappy before Zaedyn was born, I was overwhelmed with the amount of options. I did not want to make the wrong choice. People seemed to claim that they tried cloth nappies on their baby, but that they just didn’t work and changed to disposables. Ultimately, I don’t know if you can completely make the wrong choice, but I wanted to make sure we bought quality nappies that would suit our baby.

I wanted to look for a pocket nappy with snaps and adjustability around the legs. Price was not necessarily a factor as I wanted the best cloth nappy for our bubz. There were only a couple of options in stores, and I was hesitant to purchase online as I was not familiar with any brands. Somehow through my search, I stumbled across Honey Child Nappies made by clever Kiwis. I said before that price was not necessarily a factor, although I did hesitate a bit seeing how much these ones cost. However, the more I found out about them, the more I knew that they were the ones that I wanted. Of course I would choose the expensive ones!

Nurtured carried them in stock so I was able to see them in the shop and be even more convinced that they were the ones. My husband and I walked out of the store with the Honey Child Complete Nappy System including: 24 nappy outers (12 Infant & 12 Toddler), 14 nappy inserts, 4 booster pads, and 1 nappy tote bag for $799.95 NZD. Considering that these would last us through to toilet training, this wasn’t a huge cost compared to what you might end up paying for disposables. Now our concern was whether or not to buy newborn cloth nappies. The Infant size range was 5-10 kg/11-22 lbs while the Newborn was 2-6 kg/5-13 lbs and they only came as a part-time nappy system with 6 nappy outers, 6 nappy inserts, and 2 booster pads. How big will bubz be? 6 nappies would not get us through a day, but if we bought 2 packs would baby even use them long enough to be worth it? Most people were telling me to start cloth nappies at about 6 weeks, however, if I was worried about the chemicals in disposables, why would I not want to start using cloth at the start when their skin is even more sensitive. In the end, we ended up with 12 Newborn, 12 Infant, and 12 Toddler Honey Child Nappies. The only downside was that they only came in a few colours and the newborn was limited to white, but the quality was well worth it. We were so excited to fold them and stack them up ready to go.

With a close fit around Zaedyn’s little legs, the Honey Child nappies were perfect. We loved them! They were very easy to use and wash, and Zaedyn looked pretty cute in them. However, with only 12 fitting at a time and starting back at work, I sometimes felt like I needed a few more. To buy Honey Child separately, they would cost a bit, and I could never decide on how many more I would need. Then Christmas came around, and to our surprise, Zaedyn had a package full of adorable and funky Snappies Cloth Nappies from Australia. I still smile when I think about the generosity and love for Zaedyn to have an ecobum and to save his Mum from washing so much. Now the stash has continued to grow with a custom made Very Hungry Caterpillar vegan version from Cinnamon (New Zealand Made Reusable Products) for Zaedyn’s 1st birthday party, a minky zebra nappy and blue retro circles nappy from Snappies because they were on sale, a special Beach Bum nappy from Bum Cheeks as a present, and a Punga Tails and Ones and Twos nappy from the Nappy Lady. With a decent nappy stash, we have been able to use cloth nappies full-time while camping, spending weekends away, and on a few holidays to California and Rarotonga without always worrying about washing and running out.

Our Honey Child Nappies seem to be the best quality which has become known as the “Night Nappy” in our house as it seems to be the only one that Zaedyn can wear through the night without leaks. Born 3290g, Zaedyn managed to get good use out of his newborn nappies and at almost 16 month still has yet to wear the Toddler size. His other nappies also have great adjustability as a one size and seem to be worn during the day so that he can show off his stylish bum. Through our cloth nappy journey, I have found that I prefer snaps over velcro and pockets with removable inserts rather than sewn in. I often double up the inserts for more absorbency. As with everything, you will find your own preferences.

Good luck with your journey to fill your stash with nappies to suit your needs.

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  1. What an awesome story! My Elili is in cloth nappies full time as well and we are very happy! Thanks to Lindsay and Zaedyn who inspired us and were always helpful with the advice! xxx

  2. Hi Lindsay – your great review came up in my google search for Honey Child nappies. I have found that they are no longer available – or at least their website isn’t still active – but I have purchased a 2nd hand set off a friend. I may be completely missing a very easy process, but I was wondering if you could help me with how the snaps fit to change the leg size? I have really got myself confused with the 3 snaps!!! My Ethan has just hit 5kg mark so we are almost in out of our Real Nappy pre-folds and into our Honey Child stash which I am very excited about. It is great you had such success with them as I am also really looking forward to using them with my son. Thanks – Jenna

  3. Hi Jenna, unfortunately they are no longer being made! Depending on where you live, some shops might still stock them though. Nurtured at Te Awa in Hamilton still has some. Glad you managed to get some though, but there are some around in case you ever need more :). Do you know what size you have? My son has still never used the Toddler size and is in Infants. At 5kg, Ethan would just be coming into the Infant range. The bottom snap is what makes you get a good fit around the leg, and the top ones will secure the fit around his waist. I would assume that you would be needing to put the bottom snap probably closest to the middle on each side, or closer to the middle. Also, how many inserts do you use? Does this help at all? Let me know. Would love to help you get it sorted and see what you think of them, & thanks for contacting me ~Lindsay

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