The Nappy Lady


Be in to learn and receive FREE modern cloth nappies from the nappy lady!

Kate Meads is “creating a buzz about cloth nappies” as she hosts workshops around New Zealand to promote modern cloth nappies and show people how to be waste free parents.

Cloth nappies these days are easy & pretty stylish, too! However, with so many styles and brands it can be a bit confusing on where to begin. There is not one perfect nappy. You will have to do a bit of research and find out which nappy best suits you and your babies’ needs. Locally made? Absorbency? Fast drying time? Durability? Eco friendly? Affordable? Stylish?

During Cloth Nappy week back in April, there were some awesome sponsors, prizes, and nappies being hidden around the country through a scavenger hunt. I could not believe the amount of followers, awareness raised, and cloth nappy love.

Sign up for a workshop and/or spread the word to receive valuable information and free modern cloth nappies. Visit The Nappy Lady website and join Facebook Pages TheNappy Lady and Cloth Nappy Week to find out about upcoming events and information.

If you don’t live in New Zealand, you can search online or in stores for cloth nappies in your area. There are countless numbers of nappies around the world now. If you like projects and want to be creative, you can even make your own. There are some available patterns online.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have as Zaedyn wears cloth nappies full-time and has been in them since birth. Just curious to see how many bubs out there are in cloth and how often so please take a second to answer below. Thanks! I better go and hang Zaedyn’s nappies over the drying rack now.

Ka kite apōpo (See you tomorrow)

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